30 DIY Spring Room Decor Ideas and photos

What is Spring Room Decor and why do we need it? Imagine: winter is losing ground, and the city’s first green leaves, sounds of the streams and bird songs, all filled with sunshine… And city dwellers from all this splendor will only get mud and dirt streets with melted debris. But we still want to let the spring into your house, the real one!

To resist out-of-season dullness “stone jungle” and to feel every cell awakening to a new life, you can use the following Spring room decor ideas. Create spring in your home – and you will create it in your soul!


Spring decor – the color and light that create the mood

A feeling of freshness, spaciousness, bright sun… All of the above can be brought to the interior, using a few little design secrets.

Step 1: Space

  • First of all, you need to get rid of the dust and rubbish that had accumulated over the winter. Spring cleaning will not only clear away the deposits of unnecessary things in the apartment, but also create a mood – an update has started, and may the anxiety and grief go away together with the dust!
  • Small permutation will give the interior a novelty, moreover, it can help “win” more space – the room will appear larger when the furniture is placed along the walls combined in color.
  • Design trick: if you put some bright, attention-grabbing object in the far corner of the room you will experience an illusion of greater prospects. This visually “will move apart” walls and make the room more spacious. This item will fit not only furniture, but also, for example, a large vase with bright colors.

Spring Room Decor Ideas

  • Another trick that helps to create a space – playing with a ceiling level. If you make a ceiling lower in the hallway, it will create a feeling of extra volume at the entrance to the room .
  • No need to clutter up the window with heavy curtains – they make the room darker and visually reduce it. It is better to choose light and bright blinds or curtains made of thin fabric.

bright windows

Step 2: Light

  • Spring decor looks especially good in rooms filled with light. If you already got rid of the heavy curtains on the Windows, you can enhance the impression, at the same time changing the upholstery of sofas and chairs, light colors, matching the overall color scheme, will make the interior more fun and fresh.
  • Mirrors reflect and multiply the light, the more, the brighter the bathroom looks.


Focus on white color and related hues, especially floor and ceiling. White reflects the light and visually enlarges the room. In addition, the interior in white always looks elegant and luxurious.


  • Artificial lighting of the house makes a lot of difference. Led lights located on the perimeter, visually make the ceiling higher, and a few small wall lights instead of one ceiling create a sense of comfort.

Step 3: Color scheme

  • In Spring Room Decor choosing the right color is particularly important, as it creates the mood. Recommended as basic tones to choose light, pastel – white, beige, pale blue, pink. This also applies to the surfaces – floor, ceiling, Wallpaper on the walls and furniture, and other design elements.

color scheme

We should not forget that the room is fully sustained in the pale colors would look dull and cold. So add a few bright and vivid spots – with paintings, flowers, pillows, cheerful, warm colors.


  • To create a lively, energizing atmosphere better use yellow, orange and peach colors that are easy to incorporate into the interior through a variety of elements.
  • Blue and blue tones reminiscent of melting snow and spring creeks, so their appearance is also quite justified. In addition, these colors will add a feeling of freshness.


  • Another popular color this season is green. Spring decor without green is even hard to imagine. It calms, refreshes, invigorates and reminds us of the beginning of a new life. Perhaps the best way to make it into the interior with the help of a real, live greenery – houseplants.

greens in the room

Creating spring colors, do not overdo it: just two or three basic colors, one of which will be bright and the rest pastel.

Vintage and shabby chic Spring interior style

Both of these style converge in their craving for unusual, old or artificially aged subjects. Your Spring Room Decor is particularly suitable, since it creates the atmosphere of romance, of tenderness, of love – in General, the spring mood.

  • Elements of vintage style should look effortless, but to attract the eye. For example, this use of old bottles and vials, as in this photo, looks like a delicately structured, yet natural composition.


  • The perfect combination for spring decor – unusual glass container with clear water, a symbol of purity, melting snow, icicles…and bright green twigs, cut flowers, and leaves.


  • Creating vintage compositions does not require large expenditures – anything you can find in attics will work. Old things can find new life, and the interior will have a touch of mystery. Remember that this style is welcomed by some negligence.


  • Want to find an original use for usual things? It all depends on your imagination! Look what spring has done with this old watering can that had rusted to no avail at their summer cottage.


and with this umbrella, which has become of habitual must supply original door decoration.


  • Shabby chic style is particularly soft and romantic, so it is very suitable for spring interior. It’s bright colors, lots of flowers – large and bright, the abundance of textiles.

The elements of Spring Room Decor – details, details, details!

  • Spring is flowers first of all! At this time of year they become the center of any interior.


  • Flowers, of course, the most popular option – they are easy to find in hue and size, it is convenient to buy regardless of the time of year. The main disadvantage – after three or four days they will wither and need to be replaced.


  • Pot plants rarely bloom just when we want it, but even without that, their bright greenery pleases the eye and fits perfectly into a spring interior. Especially if you have very unusual containers!


  • Feel free to use floral motifs in upholstered furniture, walls, paintings, and pillows. It does not necessarily need to be roses! – get creative, think about the first spring flowers, such as dandelions.


  • In addition to flowers, the first signs of spring are birds singing on the branches. Of course, to invite a live birds – a measure too radical, but why not use a cute dummy?


  • The same applies to the butterflies embroidered or made from scrap materials, they will decorate and enliven any interior.


  • At Christmas many people hang on the door of his house beautiful wreaths. Why not invite into the house the spring in the same way? You can use live or artificial flowers…


…and sprigs of blossoming willow.


In General, remember the spring mood you want to create, and any other available things for this purpose. Use unusual vases for plants, creating the impression of a sprouting life everywhere; choose joyfull colors; bring more freshness. Spring is coming!

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