4 Rules to Keep in Your Mind While Framing Your Artwork

An interior decoration of any home never completes without artwork. It is the key element for well-decorated interiors. The artwork not only completes the entire view of the room but also increases the visual interest and looks livelier. The beauty of an artwork isn't just limited to the art on the white canvas, but also the frame surrounding the artwork plays a contributing factor to make them uniquely stand out from the wall. The frames shouldn't overpower the artwork but should differentiate the art from the frame. Either you purchase the frame or frame it yourself in shops, here are the 4 important rules you should never miss while framing the artwork to adorn your apartments in OMR.

Don't let the frame take the spotlight over the artwork

Try to match the frame to the artwork and also the wall where you decide to hang. Pick the style & colour of the frame in such a way that coordinates well with the art than overshadowing it. Remember, the frame should not take the limelight and this is how an artwork works. In case if your art is contemporary or a B/W picture, and then pick a modern style frame with black or silver coloured. If your art is more of traditional ones or a painting or even a portrait, consider a frame that is decorative and designed with gold or white.

You need a mat for the frame

Other than the frame colour, mats play a vital purpose in an artwork. This allows a good airflow around and prevents touching the glass on the art. This is necessary because the glass and work might stick together later on. Not only has it protected the artwork, but it also shifts the beauty of the wall & artwork to a whole new level.

While choosing the mat for the art, go for something a bit lighter than the art and darker than the wall you choose to hang. Picking an accent colour for the artwork gives a traditional look for the room.

Consider the size and proportion

Always remember the frame and mat shouldn't be of equal width since most of us think it as stripes surrounding the art. In simple, the mat should always be wider than the frame. Since the size of the art states the size of the frame, all you need to focus on is the width of the frame in regards to your artwork size. On a final note, larger the artwork, wider the frame must be.

Focus on the hanging hardware

The hanging hardware comes into focus only when you decide to hang the artwork on the wall. There are two cases, if you frame the artwork by yourself then pick an hanging hardware based on the size and weight of the art. But, if you purchase pre-made frames, then check whether the hardware is sturdy and secures on your wall perfectly or not.