4 Signs That Testify Electrological Problems!

Electrical problems are a phenomenon with which every home has been confronted. Many times we pay little attention to signs that “something is wrong” with our electrical installations, ignoring the risk of serious electrical damage to the appliances, but the most important to endanger human lives.

If you notice any of the following signs, do not ignore them!

1. Fuse Falling

Has the fuse ever collapsed while using an electrical appliance? Circuit breakers are designed to stop the power supply when a circuit is overloaded, thus preventing overheating of cables which could cause damage or fire. So if the fuse falls and while you pick up the switch in the electrical panel, he continues to fall, you will have to identify the cause of the problem.

2. The lights are flickering

Did you notice fluctuations in light intensity? It may be due to changes in the trend of PPC in your area. But if your neighbors do not have a similar problem, it may be due to a problem of damage to or damage to the electrical installation of your home. Observe why fluctuations in the current voltage can damage your electrical equipment.

3. “Hot” ceiling lights

It is recommended that you regularly check the area around ceiling lights for too much heat. Most luminaires are usually uninsulated, and when overheated (as a result of exceeding the recommended lamp voltage) they become very hot, making them incapable of causing a fire. The best way to solve the problem is to replace lamps with CFL fluorescent lamps or LED lamps that produce only the minimum heat required and therefore do not pose a great risk.

4. Sparking

Spark is the glow created when you plug a cable into the socket. It is common for small sparks to occur when you first connect a device, however large sparks indicate a problem with the socket or circuit. The problem may be due to wiring, overloading or defective device. If it starts to smell burned then things are definitely disturbing.

Do not “play” with your safety! If you notice any of the previous signs, it may be advisable for you to contact a reputable electrician!