5 Different Ways to Use Mosaic Tiles

From the Greek and Roman ages, Mosaic is used to decorate temples and palaces. Nowadays we use the technique to decorate our homes more elegant and attractive. There are lots of different uses of mosaic for adding some special touch to your decor. Those are:

1. Mosaics as splash backs: Splash backs or back splashes are used to protect the walls against water or steam, moisture, splashes of food, grease, oils, and other debris. This type of tiles is normally used in the kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, or any other wet areas. As well as protecting the walls from damage they can also add extra style to a room.

Mosaic tiles are available in various types of materials, colors, styles, and textures. You can use mosaic tiles in one color block to contrast or a bold pattern to create an interest. Mosaic tiles as splash backs have the creative design.

2. Mosaic tiles on your feature walls and floors: When you want to create a statement about Mosaic tiles, are very eye catching and excellent materials. A single floor to ceiling tiled wall has wonderful factor for any room. You can make your room attractive and be stunning with marble mosaics. Mosaics are used on the floor of the bathroom to create an outstanding and modern style. Walls draped in marble mosaics bring an elegance looks to your bathroom.

3. Mosaic tile as insets: Mosaic tiles are excellent for creating accents in a room if you do not want to tile a whole wall. You can set mosaic insets in the painted wall, kitchen and bathroom. You can also use them to border a mirror or a window.

4. Mosaic tiles as border: Mosaics have also come in some border design. You can try a mosaic tile border around the edge of a floor or along the top of bath tiling which makes the room extra bit of elegance. When you are choosing a border, you must think about the shape of the space. Border mosaic tiles can be very effective in creating zones which can be helpful in open spaces.

5. Mosaic tile for space zone: These tiles can be used to single a change of zone within an open plan room. Zone flooring creates a visual clue as to how the separate areas work together in commercial spaces as well as in private homes too. Zoning with mosaic tiles is very easy because a variety of colors, shapes and designs are available in the market.