5 Most Important Factors For The Failure of Curtain Walling

Curtain walls are one way to protect the buildings from weather conditions which harm the structure of the building. This is very important part of the building construction. It not only gives protection but also other benefits. But, many times this walling fails due to several reasons. Have you ever thought what can go wrong? Find here more.

Wrong System Selection for a Given Site

Curtain walling in London also requires proper system selection. Different sites need different types of walling. So, proper cautions should be taken while erecting such curtains for any project or site.

Careless Erection Techniques

Technology can work efficiently if it is properly taken care of. Taking care of erection techniques during erection of the curtain wall is the clearest caution. But, most often, this rule is taken carelessly. After erection, it is found that walls are broken due to the transportation of stone, glass, aluminium, metal panels, gaskets and other materials.

It takes extensive planning to make them as they are large, heavy and awkward. It also needs a careful implementation of protective coating and handling. Hiring experienced installers can help anyone perform the installation in the best manner.

Design of the Curtain Walling

Design is also responsible for somewhat a failure. If any mistake is done at lower levels in the design of a panel, it gets repeated throughout the facade, which ultimately, resulting in the system failure of curtain walling in London. It may cause due to wrong structural analysis. The design should be air and water resistant. It helps in ensuring that the interior of the building remains airtight.

Misalignment of adjacent curtain wall systems can also have serious consequences. This is due to errors in laying out the structural framing systems. It can also result from lack of coordination of building structure tolerances. It could also be due to the improper layout of embeds to receive curtain wall anchors.

Workmanship Error

Skilled workmen are need of every business. In lack of skills workmen often create faulty fabrication. These faulty installation practices result in the collapse of curtain due to structural failure.

So, ensure hiring skilled technicians to carry out the installation. It will also help in the quality control. It will control further workmanship errors resulting in the failure. Following international systems make a little good sense if the manpower who fabricates or installs the curtain walls.

Due to sub-standard on-site workmanship, even the well-detailed facade can fail. Most damage is caused by maintenance and repair. An example could be careful cleaning of anodized aluminium frames without affecting the finish.

Performance testing

There should be some performance of wall mock-ups. These mock-ups are very important for identifying systemic problems related to design and construction. Performance Testing helps to focus everyone's attention on the weak points of the arrangement. Performance testing could be in two stages, pre-construction mock-up and a field mock-up. This drill during the early stages of construction can help to identify fit-up and erection problems. It also helps in identifying other unforeseen problems.