5 Simple Tips For Safe Storage

We all love to store our important possessions in a safe place. But sometimes, our house is not enough for these and there are also some insects and pests that could damage your most prized possessions. There are a lot of storage facilities that you can definitely rent to store your possessions until you can find a permanent place to store them. Here are 5 simple tips for a safe storage:

Search for a Facility with Layers of Protection

There are several security-related items you should look for at any facility. Search the perimeter for strong gate or fence surrounding the property. This is the initial layer of security and keeps out anyone who isn't working or renting at the storage location. Electronic key codes for exit and entry are excellent as well. But most of the time, video surveillance is present in these facilities, too.

2. Environmental Protection is Important

If you're renting indoor storage, it is very important to make sure that your units are sealed and secure to prevent damage from harmful elements. If you are able to opt for climate controlled storage, there's less risk of damage from factors like the weather.

If there will be no proper protection, risks such as floods, fire, rust and corrosion is possible. If you notice your furniture becoming cracked or split, yellowing metals, or the growth of mold or mildew, start asking questions about whether you should change units or facilities right away.

3. Purchase a Solid Lock

It's important to take security into your own hands when you can. A lock may be the most obvious security need, but some people do not take their lock quality seriously enough. People tend to overlook that important factor. Some storage facilities may expect you to provide your own lock. Make sure you are purchasing a quality lock, one that cannot be cut by bolt or wire cutters. This is often the first and best line of defense to ensure that your valuables are safe.

4. Don't Skimp on Insurance

Check and see if your facility offers insurance. If so, what does the policy specifically cover? If it is not extensive, sometimes your homeowner's or renter's insurance will cover off-site items. These are important to have in the event that your security is breached or items are damaged.

5. Keep a Record of Items

Keep a record of everything located in your storage facility (a little map comes in handy, too). Take down serial numbers of electronic equipment. Make a list and record each item's value. This will help you stay organized but will also be an important component of any insurance claim.

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