6 Steps to Completely Clean Out Your Garage

Nowadays, garage has become a dumping ground for clutter. When people don't know where to put something in their house, they will store it in the garage. The item stays in the garage until they find a better home for the item. This may solve a great storage problem but only temporarily. As days pass, things get piled up, and it becomes a habit to put away all the household junk in the garage.

With proper planning, even the biggest garage cleanouts can be handled with relative ease. Here we have compiled a few garage cleaning tips from the Albuquerque junk removal experts to get your garage organized quickly and painlessly.

Create a Clean Out Plan

Firstly, if you lay some groundwork, your garage cleaning project will go much easier than you expect.

  • Segregate donation worthy items such as sports equipment, tools and other leftover remodelling materials.
  • Decide where you will sell or donate the items your no longer need.
  • Make a more informed decision on getting rid of the junk whether bagging it up or renting a dumpster.

“Keep” Criteria

Frame some ground rules to deciding on what items to keep. This step will speed up the junk removal in Albuquerque. Here are some important points to remember,

  • Keep only items you have used more than once
  • Keep things that are in working condition.
  • When it comes to tool or equipment, keep only items that you can't rent or borrow easily.

Take Everything Out

To start with garage clean out, pick a section of garage, and pull out everything onto the driveway to sort through. This makes garage cleaning easier and allow you to see what space you have to work with and what types of storage might work best when it's time to organize the items you're keeping.

Sort Items

Start going through the first round of stuff you pulled out of the garage and segregate items that you are planning to keep and sell. To pack up donation items, keep plastic bins or cardboard boxes on hand to make the process easier.

Put Your Cleanout Plans in Motion

After separating the items to sell and keep, clear out the rest. Just give the company a call to come pick up the container, if you rented a dumpster for your garage cleanout. If you have items your trash service doesn't take, pile your bags up at the curb or load up a pickup truck.

Get Organized

Follow the below steps to organize the garage and keep clutter from building back up.

  • Use shelving units for frequently used items
  • Use cabinets for less used items
  • Use wall hooks to hold larger tools such as rakes and shovels
  • Group items by category so that you always know where to find what you need

Cleaning out your garage can be overwhelming! Visit davescustomhauling.com to get expert advice from the experts of junk removal in Albuquerque NM.