8 Important Things to Consider When Moving to a New Office

Can your office no longer accommodate the continuous increase of staff and additional equipment? Are you thinking of the potential development and growth that a new office can give? Are you planning to move to Langley or Burnaby? Before you decide on the new location, there are many things you should consider. Contacting professional commercial moving in Burnaby or Langley can give you the advice and guidance you need when transferring to a new office. Here are some things you should know before you transfer offices.

Start Planning

Start with a concrete idea of what the new office should be like and how it will help with the expansion of your business. It is also important to contact professional commercial moving in Langley or Burnaby and work with them to set proper expectations of how much the relocation will cost.

Communicate with the Staff

You should let everyone in the company know of your plans to move. By doing this, the departments of your company can hand in their suggestions and recommendations. They can also help you choose the moving company. Assign employees to oversee the project. The staff can also contact commercial moving companies in Langley or Burnaby to get a quote for the relocation. Set milestones to mark the significant developments of the project.

Set the Budget

Transferring offices can be quite expensive if not managed properly. Sticking to the budget can be as difficult as setting one. Unseen or unexpected expenses can appear. Remember to take note of things that are easy to overlook like the cost of renovating the space. You should also have an estimate of the total expenses. The direct and indirect costs can affect the budget considerably. Direct costs are expenses from hiring professional commercial moving in Burnaby or Langley. Indirect costs are expenses that crop up due to unforeseen delays or incidents.

Decide on the Timeframe

You should plan how long the relocation will take. By having a concrete timeline, you can bring down the costs, and you can also keep an eye on the progress of the project. Contact commercial movers in the area like a commercial moving company in Burnaby and commercial moving companies in Langley to set the date of the move. As a result of contacting them at the start, you can take advantage of discounts or packages.

Compare Mover Costs

Compare the prices of the different movers. Contact commercial moving Burnaby if you plan to relocate there and contact commercial moving Langley if you choose that area. By doing this, you can see the different options available to you.

● Select the Moving Company for Your Relocation

Inquire about the services the mover has. Most movers nowadays offer more than just moving your things. They have multiple services that they can offer. Commercial moving Burnaby and commercial moving Langley companies have plenty of staff that can help you move. Remember to check their reliability and their references.

Office Furniture

Check the furniture that you will be bringing with you to the new office. Create a checklist of the items and give it to your mover. If there are pieces of equipment that you don't need in your new office, it's best that you leave them behind.

After the Relocation

Most companies overlook the period after relocating to the new office. Get feedback from your staff. By doing so, you can tackle any problems that can come up. It is also important to give feedback to the commercial moving company in Burnaby or the commercial moving company in Langley that you hired.

Bonus Tip

Some moving companies offer other services. This may include furniture installation, plumbing, cleaning services, interior design, and many more. You can ask the moving company that you hire about the extra services you can get from them.