A Guide on How to Clean Evaporator Coils in Houston

In an air conditioner, heat transfer is usually done by the evaporator coils. If the heat transfer process is slow, then it will take a long time for the compressor cycles to meet the thermostat settings. As the compressor is the main energy consumer, it can enhance the energy consumption by 80 percent. Even it is the key reason behind other issues like coil icing .Thus, when you find any problem with the air conditioner, then it is important for you to check the evaporator coil. Thus, how to clean the evaporator coil? Follow the given steps.

  • Cut off the A/C air handler from the thermostat or from the circuit breaker.
  • With the help of the sheet metal screws the coil access panel is usually secured. So, remove the metal screws and lift the panel to expose the evaporator coils.
  • Clean the coils depending on the condition.
  • If you find a little dust on the outer part, then make the use of the spray cleaner available in the market. Allow the liquid solution to get soaked and liquefy, and then the air conditioner will starts to condense on the surface of the coil and clean the coil by removing the dirt's by means of condensation.
  • If the dirt's, grimes and others things is accumulated in a heavy amount, then it is wise to make the use of pump sprayer by means of which you can inject the solution into the coils which can reach the interior surface. But while doing this proper care needs to be taken in order to avoid excessive deposit of solutions that can harm the coil fins and makes them to bend.
  • Apart from the above two applications, a steam cleaner can also be used in case any inorganic matter is clogged in the coils. But while applying the steam cleaner, proper care must be taken to make sure that steam flow is proper.
  • Sometimes some moulds grow on the coils. These molds circulate in the duct and obstruct the flow of air through the coil. Thus, this needs professional cleaning that can remove the molds and makes the air flow proper.

Apart from doing it by yourself, you can also hire a professional to clean the evaporator coil in Houston and there are many companies that carry out the same. And glacial is one of such companies that provide AC related services in Houston .It is a reputed company that offers high quality air conditioning related services to its clients at an affordable price.