All You Need to Know About Chest of Drawers

The general rule of thumb while buying a newer furniture to your home is to look for a one that makes an optimum usage of your space, but also serves multiple purposes.

The principle consequence of making a home is the useful clutter we collect over the years. And so, we are always on the hunt for intriguing storage solutions to our home. Versatile as an armoire, Chest of Drawers serve the purpose of a homely hide-out storage space meticulously.

A Chest of Drawers can either serve as a decorative piece or provide lots of extra storage space as per your requirement. You can use it against a large wall and can gaze lovingly at the beauty and the texture a simple Chest of Drawers generates in your interiors.

Whether the Chest of Drawers is utilitarian or decorative, or it has two drawers or a drawer upon drawer structure, it has the potential to hold a multitude of needless to needful objects, guaranteeing a cleaner, more systematically organised space. The drawers are useful, sure, but more than that the top of a large Chest of Drawers serves as a convenient space to showcase decorative objects, like photo frames, flower vases, indoor planters, artfully woven baskets, candlesticks and what not.

How to buy a Chest of Drawers? – Buying guide for Dummies

The most simplified approach for buying a Chest of Drawers is to have a good look around your house and search your feelings for the interior theme your home entertains. For modern interiors, clean, sleek lined furniture is always a priority. Latticed designs, ornate carvings, etc., look better in an interior fronting tradition.

After, the design is out of the way, you have to look for the quality of wood used to design your furniture unit. Never can this be a secondary concern. Wood not only defines the strength of your furniture, its life and its longevity, but it also decides what the finishing will do to your furniture. Even the best finishes fade when applied to a sub-standard wood. Good quality wood ensures a better-looking furniture.

How to use a Chest of Drawers? – Arrangement guide for Pros

A Chest of Drawers can be used in multiple ways, depending upon the nature of your requirement.

  1. Rebel Hide-out: Perhaps the most common way of using a chest of drawers is as a place to hide small things we just can't throw out, not quite knowing what to do with them. Things like spare parts of machinery, games, toy cars, stray LEGO bricks, etc., can go in your beautiful Chest of Drawers.
  2. Davy Jones' Locker: Personal grooming electronic and mechanical equipment, like hair dryers, straighteners, shavers, eyelash curlers, beauty blenders, epilators, etc., require more space than is usually offered by your dressing table. Chest of Drawers can come in handy in such cases and house all your equipment in a neatly organised fashion.
  3. Keeper of Socks and Shoelaces: Dumbledore believes that you can never own enough pair of socks. A Chest of Drawers can serve as a proud keeper of all your pairs of socks, arranged perfectly according to their colour coding, shape and size, like loafer socks, ankle length socks, full length socks, knee-length socks or stockings.
  4. Guardian of the Garments: Your precious collection of the merchandise, that you have painstakingly built up, can be neatly organised in a Chest of Drawers. Roll your Deathly Hallow T-Shirts, make space for the Deathly hallows locket, diagonally keep your wand, and then arrange your neatly folded, mustard yellow and red striped Gryffindor muffler. Chest of Drawers are your Trophy Room to showcase your proud fandom.