Amcrest IP Cameras Guide

While the development in security surveillance market gives consumers various options and alternatives, this same factor complicates decision making process. We will explain every detail you will need if you going to buy IP security camera. Here is a guideline for you with pros and cons, price range and other useful information.

What Is IP Camera?

First, let us explain what is IP security camera. It is a device that work on principles of Internet Analogue (IP). for this reason this type of camera is also called network camera. Most Camera have built-in computer and they can operate independently. Some IP cameras need connection with Network Video Recorder (NVR) to be controlled. Some IP cameras can not be connected to regular DVR. IP cameras can be connected to NVR with cables or through the air, using WiFi.

It can work in centralized or decentralized mode. In decentralized mode IP device does not need to be connected to Network Video Recorder. It can work independently. All cameras have their own IP address. It need to be connected to NVR only in centralized mode.

We have already said that It are capable of working without NVR but having one is always a good idea. If you buy NVR and connect it to you camera you will have backup video footage. Plus you can save 24/7 video recording during one month.

Why Should You Choose IP Security Cameras?

●You can connect you IP camera to mobile device or computer to receive alarms or other notes via messages or emails;

●It have advanced control system. Chances of getting false alarms are very law;

●These devices are more flexible than traditional DVR systems and easy to install as they work on WiFi.

Different Types of IP Cameras

Not all are the same, here are some very popular types:

●Dome Cameras – mostly used in commercial places this cameras are resistant to weather conditions and vandalism. However, installation process of this camera is more complicated than installation of other.

●Mini-dome Cameras – they look almost like dome cameras but are even more resistant to vandalism;

●Bullet Cameras – these cameras are called so because of their cylindrical form. Bullet cameras are the most popular and well recognized type of IP security cameras. This is the most budget friendly IP camera you will find;

●Indoor cube cameras are almost always installed in the corner of the room. They come with built-in microphone so you can use indoor cube camera as a baby monitor.

Guide To Choose Right IP Camera

We recommend you to have a clear vision of what you want from your camera before you spend money. If you want to install your camera outdoor then definitely buy outdoor camera because indoor devices can't operate outside a house of office. Dome cameras are hard to install but they are resistant to bad weather conditions and vandalism. You can also use bullet cameras as they are easier to install and are more flexible.