Avoid a Gas Leak Crisis, Use A Professional Gas Leak Detection Services

The idea of a gas leak is something that quite rightly frightens most people and if one occurs, it is vital that you know exactly what to do. Just imagine walking into your home and you are greeted by that horrendous rotten egg smell, the first thing that you should do is avoiding turning on the lights as even the smallest spark could trigger an explosion. Next, you need to ventilate the property as much as possible and get out making sure that you warn others. After that, you need to call a team of professionals – NEVER try an fix the problem yourself.

The problem with gas leaks is that can be very difficult to locate unless you have the correct equipment. Most of us won't have given much consideration to the gas piping in our homes and it is only when you have a problem that you give them any consideration. The chances are that your property has quite a lot of piping as gas can be used for cookers, hot water heating along with having various other uses. The problem with having a lot of piping is that there are more places that the leak could occur. Every joint is a potential place that gas could escape.

You should never underestimate the consequences of a gas leak as they could pose a threat to life and your property. If repairs are required, they need to be carried out urgently. The chances are that when the professionals arrive they will disconnect the gas and then begin the task of detecting the leak. Initially, this may be done via smell to try and establish which room the gas is escaping from.

Once they have established the room, the team are likely to prepare a solution of part water and part soap, paste this onto all the gas piping in that room, and then partially turn the gas back on. Similar to when you get a puncture in a tyre, they will then look for fresh bubbles appearing. In most cases, this will be quite apparent and the experts will mark to problem area with a pen and turn off the gas again and ventilate the room.

The professional plumbers will the repair the fault and conduct a pressure test. If the pressure remains constant then the issue has been fixed and the problem has been addressed. However, if there is any drop in pressure, there is still a problem possibly in addition to the original one and this again needs addressing in the same manner. It is only once all issues have been resolved that the property owners should be allowed back into the property.

If you do detect a gas leak it is important that you call upon the services of an emergency plumber. You need to stress that you have a gas leak and the matter will then be treated with utmost urgency. The problem should NEVER be left until the morning or put off for financial reasons.