Best Landscape Ideas For a Small Garden

Many of us are not fortunate enough to have large gardens but by no means that you can't have a magnificent outdoor living space and one that you can be exceedingly proud of. It doesn't have to cost a fortune, but with some careful planning and some creativity, you can turn your garden into a tranquil paradise. Here are our 12 ideas that could help you to achieve just that:

1. Leftover blocks left by the builders?

Have you ever looked across at those left over bricks and wonder what you are going to do with them, may be how you are going to get rid of them? Why not use them to make a small table and chairs? If they have small holes in, you could even add some plants!

2. Tree Stump Planters

Some gardens may have some old tree stumps that maybe look out of place or maybe even unsightly. You could turn these stumps into planters and fill them with flowers.

3. Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a fantastic way of bringing some colour to our gardens and don't take up in any ground space. They will need watering at least once a day, but that is a small price to pay for the joy that they will bring.

4. Murphy Bar

Have you ever fancied having a small bar in your garden? This can fold out into a small table once you have finished using it. As they are stowed vertically, they take up little or no space. The shelves can be used for storage too so this is a great space-saving device too.

5. Tiered Planters

This is a way of arranging a selection of planters where you can grow a variety of different plants whilst once again maximising the ground space. This can bring colour to your garden or you could grow your own herbs.

6. Pallet Flower Displays

Old pallets may not be overly attractive in their original form but if you paint them you can grow flowers and other plants – you could even change the plants and colours to match the different seasons.

7. Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is easy to manage and has improved dramatically in recent years. It will give the impression of a beautifully manicured lawn that will look superb in any garden regardless of size.

8. Vertical Herb Garden

You don't always need do your planting horizontally, you can go vertically in order to save space. Using a wooden trellis and a few plant pots you can plant herbs that are not only useful in the kitchen, they will create fabulous aromas.

9. Wall Art

This may not be everyone's perfect solution but hear me out! If you have got a plain wall, why not employ the services of a local artist to create a masterpiece to bring it to life?

10. Tomato plants

Tomato plants are popular but they can take up a lot of space. Why not hang them from the roof and let the vines hang down?

11. Herb Spiral

Plant your herbs, or any other plants for that matter in a spiral and again save space.

12. Can Planters

Old cans can be made to look attractive if you just spend a bit of time on them and arrange them correctly.

Finally, if these ideas don't appeal to you or you want something completely different, why not call upon the services of a professional landscaping company who are experts in their field and create something unique for your outdoor living space?