Breathe New Life in Your Cheap Furniture With Marble Decor

A stone that has been around since the seventies is marble. It has the airs of grandeur and luxury that can lift up the ambience of any room. It has been an extremely popular choice from flooring to countertops. However, more recently it is being featured in various contemporary bedroom ideas . Several marble-effect accessories are becoming quite popularised by different designers. Marble can easily elevate a room's overall demeanour, balancing the furniture within. Cheap furniture online provides with options that are not only pleasing to the eyes but to the purse, as well.

However, a room containing more than a moderate number of cheap furniture items tends to look shabby. So, here are a few ways to use marble that can help spike up any room's ambience;

Decorative Items

The most easiest and inexpensive way enliven any room is to add accessories. From kitchen, to bedroom, to bathroom, to living room, there are countless accessories that can be added. Bedroom ideas on the Internet are filled with inspiration for the ideal marble-themed bedrooms. Placing a little marble vanity tray on Chelsea White Dressing Table will bring out the theme in an effortless manner. The wooden nightstand bought from cheap furniture online can be adorned with a marble table lamp for a fresh take.

Wall Murals

A whole wall dedicated to the marble gives a great opportunity to transform an entire room. Wall murals have taken the home decor by storm featuring in several bedroom ideas. Choose a marbled one and create an accent wall in any room. Marble should not only be associated with bathrooms or kitchens. A crisp marble wall as the focal point in living room provides an ideal background for different types of furniture. It gives a new chance to that plush velvet sofa that was shopped from cheap furniture online store. Be it pastel or glam, it works for both palettes. Darker colours, like navy, collate well with the soft white tones of marble.

Marbled Floors

Something that is quite expensive for decorators on a budget is to get marble flooring. Many life-style bloggers and designer catalogues include marble floors in their bedroom ideas. However, this may not always be possible to get, especially if it is a rented apartment or a dorm room. However, the solid oak bed in the bedroom will start looking lively and new if fresh flooring is laid. The solution to this is the stores selling vinyl sheets that can be used for flooring instead of actual marble. They give an equally refined and elegant look and are much cheaper than the stone itself. Websites selling cheap furniture online have a variety of nightstands, stools and nest of tables to choose from. Choose the one made of marble or with a marble-effect to keep the theme alive. Adding subtle hints of marble to match the flooring will enhance its luxe appearance overall.

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