Cielo Wigle is a Leading Driver in The Smart Controls Market For Ductless Air Conditioning

The phrase, “Smart Air-Conditioning” has been a buzz word in HVAC industry for last few years and customers are being bombarded with smart solutions for enhanced convenience and greater savings. Ducted HVAC systems remained the focus of big players and likes of NEST are leading the smart bandwagon. The ductless HVAC systems are gaining popularity in the North American market due to better efficiencies and easier installation. Few European companies launched their smart controls for ductless systems and have generated good customer response.

Similarly, the Chinese and Japanese OEM did launch their own smart solution but they were brand specific and did not cater for already installed base of millions of ductless systems.

Cielo, a Redmond, WA, based smart home company, is a leading driver in smart heating and cooling market for any brand ductless mini splits, fan coil units & PTACs that has a remote control. The smart air-con/heat pump controller series by Cielo is branded as Breez & Breezi. Breez is a plug n play controller ideal for consumer sales, while Breezi is a retrofit dongle tailored for air-con manufacturers.

Cielo Smart Controller series comes with a complete eco-system of mobile apps (android & iOS), enterprise app (web application) and associated AWS IoT cloud app.

Cielo Smart Controllers are available in the market through its distribution network in North America, South America and select countries in Asia. Presently, Cielo Smart Controllers are sold only through distribution network and from manufacturer's own platform.

Apart from unlimited control from anywhere, Cielo's Smart Controllers give comprehensive usage statistics which keep the user informed about their consumption patterns. Complete usage audit of connected ACs / Heat Pumps on Cielo Home App makes the consumers aware of their usage behaviors and helps them achieve their saving goals.

End users can save up to 20% on their energy bills by using Cielo's intelligent machine learning and predictive energy saving algorithms. Similarly, powerful scheduling functionality lets the consumers schedule their ACs / Heat Pumps as per their desired settings and time. Location sensing feature helps to trigger AC / Heat Pump functions based on the user's location. The real-time filter status keeps the user informed about quality of the inside environment.

Cielo smart controls are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Cielo's slogan is, “Every Watt counts”. All Cielo products are designed to save energy and help its customers achieve their saving goals along with unlimited controls and matchless convenience.

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