Damage To Cheap Shutters Includes Warping And Cracking In Hot Weather

If you live in a hot climate like Las Vegas or Phoenix, you may have always wanted to outfit your home with plantation shutters. These solid window coverings have a timeless beauty and never go out of style, and ultimately add resale value to almost any home due to the fact that they are nearly always sold along with the property because they are built in. The reason that these types of window covers are so popular in hot climates is the same reason they are popular in cold climates, that they have the ability to provide an extra barrier of protection against the sun or cold at the point of the window itself. Windows are the most problematic area of any home as far as insulation goes, and the keeping in or out of air that effects the ambient temperature in rooms. If you are heating the room, you are trying to provide as much barrier against leaking that warm air to the outside as possible, and if you are cooling a room you are trying to keep the hot air outside from coming in. Plantation shutters can be closed and effectively provide a solid barrier in the area that is the most prone to air leakage, and ultimately save you a large amount of money on heating and cooling each year. Plantation shutters can actually be considered as part of your insulation of your home, so they have not only a good look but are quite functional as well.

In cold climates, the shutters themselves function the same way no matter what they are constructed from. As long as you can provide a tight seal with little to no gapping around the shutters, you can close off the window areas and conserve heat. In hot climates there is an issue with the materials that the shutters are constructed with, however, which can make the installation of a less expensive shutter actually cost more in the long run than a more expensive one. This is because the shutters themselves are exposed to the extreme heat that is generated close to glass windows that are exposed to the sun, and ultimately the materials that they are constructed with are put to the test. Cheaper shutters made of poly materials or wood blends are well known to crack and warp in the extreme heat, causing them to prematurely age and look bad. These types of damages are difficult to fix, and will usually need complete replacement in only a few years. A more expensive material like a basswood will withstand far higher temperatures without fading, cracking or warping and will therefor provide a far longer satisfaction for the home owner, ultimately saving money on cooling and never needing to be replaced. In hot climates, you simply cannot purchase a low quality shutter and expect it to survive the way that a high quality shutter will. They may look the same, but over time the hot sun will completely destroy the cheaper ones.