Ditch The Grass In Desert Communities

In desert communities that suffer from a lack of rainfall, even the slightest drought conditions can create serious issues. In the case of a community like Las Vegas, where a single supply of water is counted on by a huge amount of residents, when the water level begins to fall past a certain point it is important to start conserving. The way this is accomplished in Las Vegas is by assessing how much water is necessary to keep in Lake Mead in order to assure that there is enough drinking water for everyone. If that level is breached, then conservation programs automatically kick in. The programs will usually have multiple aspects involving ads that discuss how to conserve water as well as mandatory rules regarding water waste. One of the main rules that goes into effect during drought times is the restrictions on watering your lawn. A single square foot of grass in Las Vegas will need more than 55 gallons of water a year in order to stay alive, and every one of those gallons is needed for residents to drink. The county will make it so that it is illegal to water your lawn during certain times and for certain lengths of time, and that will usually result in water loving grass drying up. Lets face it, a lawn is not natural for Las Vegas and it isn't a good idea.

During drought times, the county will encourage residents to remove any grass lawns that they currently have and replace them with some form of ground covering that does not need water. This will generally involve crushed rock, concrete or artificial turf. For those people who absolutely cannot imagine life without that patch of green outside, artificial turf is going to make perfect sense. In Las Vegas during drought times, the country will actually provide you with rebates for every square foot of grass you remove and replace with the synthetic product.

Many people worry that artificial turf will not look good in their yard, and will end up looking like the Astro-turf of the past. Synthetic grass has come a long way since then, and actually looks and feels exactly like real growing grass does at this point. One of the things that accomplishes this goal is putting an underfill material underneath the grass itself, which gives it a thicker and spongier look and feel. This is usually accomplished only when the artificial turf is professionally installed, so make sure that the person putting in the synthetic grass has a license to do so. It is not quite as easy as rolling out a carpet and staking it to the ground, and the quality of the install is going to make the difference if you like it or not. In Las Vegas, always have your artificial turf installed by a professional. If can make the difference between looking good or not, and it can get you the rebates that will make the job cost less than if you tried it yourself.