DIY Tips For Working With Concrete

Cement, the basic building block for every construction, comes in the form of grey coloured powder in its initial stage. The constructional workers mix it with other ingredients to obtain specific texture and consistency that makes it applicable for specific constructional purposes. One such commonly prepared constructional material is concrete. It is basically a mixture of coarse aggregates with cement paste. This mixture is allowed to pass through the process of hydration which finally gives it rock hard structure. If you are preparing concrete for the first time, do remember these essential tips.

What the aggregate contains

Aggregate is basically a broader term. It indicates towards a conglomerate of materials like sand, water, stone and cement paste. Here it is essential to remember that the cement that is to be mixed with the aggregate must always be Good Quality Cement in Manipur, Mizoram, or elsewhere so that it gives adequate strength to the constructional structure.

What the constituency of the mixture should be

The consistency of the paste is another parameter after the quality of cement that determines its strength. So, utmost carefulness needs to be maintained while mixing water with the total aggregate. You should always remember that too runny mixture is not at all suitable because it will not hold properly onto the surface where it is applied. But at the same time, extremely sticky paste is also useless as you will never be able to apply it conveniently. Additionally remember that the paste should not be too stiff or too dry because that will decrease its workability. Basically, the right constituency of cement paste is one which is neither be too sticky nor too runny.

How to achieve the right constituency of cement mix

As already mentioned, the texture of the cement mixture should be gooey. There are some techniques for achieving this. If the mixture has become runny, start adding sand and gravel into the mixture and gradually churn until you get the right constituency. Similarly, an extremely stiff mixture can be slightly liquefied if you gradually add the right proportion of water and cement powder in it.

How to protect concrete from weather damage

When the concrete structure has been constructed, you are supposed to allow it to harden by leaving it exposed. However, snowfall or rainfall on the surface can damage the concrete structure. The simplest yet most effective way of preventing this is by covering the surface with a plastic sheet so that it prevents direct contact of water with the concrete structure immediately after it has been made.