Do’s And Don’ts of Moving a Queen Size Bed in a UTE

Moving most of your household stuff is not too difficult if you take the time to pack properly and have a few mates to help you out when using a Gold Coast Hire Ute. But when it comes to moving the bed, especially if it's a queen sized model it can be a bit more complicated. Many queen beds are large and the bases or box springs are heavy. The earlier models were often one piece and came with built-in drawers and a large headboard. These beds are often awkwardly shaped and very inconvenient for moving.

The following are the some of the do's and don't's of moving a Queen sized bed in a Ute

  • The first thing to do is take the overall measurements and see how you can get the bed out to the Ute. Do you have to go down stairs, around corners and through small doorways?
  • Will, you be able to take the bed in one piece or will you have to dismantle it
  • Check the local Gold Coast Ute hire companies to see if they have a Ute that will take your bed in the tray
  • Decide if you will be able to carry it flat or will it have to be stood on its side, you have to accommodate the headboard, mattress and base. Many Queen sized bed bases can be broken down if need be, but if possible it is better to keep it intact (if a Tempurpedic bed it will have to be carried flat)
  • Always have at least one or two strong mates to help you move the bed as carrying it can be difficult

Things You May Need For The Move

  • A mattress bag or some clean cover's to protect it
  • Moving straps to tie it to the Ute
  • Packing such as cardboard or bubble wrap to safeguard the headboard
  • Tools to use to disassemble the base if necessary

Things not to do

  • Don't try and make the move by yourself
  • Don't just toss the bed in the back of your Ute and drive off, it must be secured correctly and protected from the elements
  • Take a look at the manufacturer's recommendations (or look up on Google) and see about transporting the Mattress, some mattresses the inside can move around if transported in any way, but flat, making them very hard to sleep on as the mattress is constructed using many of different layers
  • Don't put the mattress on the Ute Roof or Roof Rack unless you have already talked with the Gold Coast Ute Hire Company where you got the Ute from to make sure it is strong enough to carry the weight
  • Don't allow the mattress to be exposed to the weather as it could easily become damaged
  • Don't use thin ropes to secure the mattress as these can damage the edges, use wide straps that have angled protectors

When using a Ute to move your Queen sized mattress ensure you have enough people to load it safely and that is will fit in the tray on the Ute or that if you have to stand it on the side that you have adequate tie points to secure it properly.