Effective Solutions For Dirty Tile And Grout

Cleaning tile and grout can be time-consuming, to say the least. Grout, the porous material in between tile flooring, can collect dirt quickly. This is because the porous grout filling has so many permeable and absorbent qualities. Dirt and grime buildup causes discoloration and mold growth. These are two highly unsanitary possibilities in dirty grout and tile. To preserve the original luster and shine in your tile flooring, continue reading and learn about grout removal and how to effectively clean tile and grout in commercial and residential properties.

Residential Grout and Tile Cleaning

Everyone has heard of the vinegar and baking soda solution for tile and grout cleaning. This is a perfectly handy approach to cleaning small areas. Simply combine equal parts of water and vinegar; this balances the acidity levels and protects the grout from corrosion or damage. Any household white vinegar will work.

If baking soda is your preference, simply follow the same steps, except mix a small amount of baking soda with water to create a paste-like substance rather than a liquid. Next, use a thick or course bristled brush to scrub the floor in consistent circular motions, then rinse away with clean water. Repeat these steps until the grout and tile are gleaming again, but be sure to allow the area to dry completely for the best results.

OTC Methods

There are several other methods to grout and tile cleaning to fit a variety of personal preferences. Common over-the-counter household cleaners, like chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide solutions, and even Mr. Clean. Also, steam cleaners are a popular choice for small grout removal jobs. The steam loosens and lifts the dirt from between the tile flooring, reducing the appearance of grime and discoloration. These are all fast and inexpensive ways to clean tile and grout in lesser spaces, like homes and offices.

Large-Scale Grout Cleaning

Cleaning larger areas of grout and tile requires a more professional approach; otherwise, it involves an excess of physical labor and time. In these cases, it is recommended to hire a professional tile and grout cleaning company. They retain the proper equipment and training to safely and effectively clean tile and grout in large spaces, like commercial buildings and offices.

A common strategy for large-scale professional tile and grout cleaning jobs is using oxygenated powdered bleach solutions. This cleaning agent has many advantageous qualities. Not only is it non-toxic, but it never fades flooring, doesn't create harmful odors and fumes, and doesn't require a lot of manual labor or time. It is a fairly simple process that is happens to be highly effective. It safely removes dirt, discolorations, food, grease, stains, and more.

Tile Floor Replacement

Cleaning is not always possible. In severe cases, the best option would be to replace it altogether. Investing in new tile floors is highly-lucrative, especially if you wish to sell your property in the future. You can choose to replace it with new, modern-looking tile, or you can choose a new flooring material; perhaps one that requires less intensive maintenance, such as laminate or stamped concrete. Talk to a trusted Indianapolis flooring contractor about the best options for floor replacement and installation.

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