Emergency Plumbing Tips to Help Whilst Waiting For The Plumber

Obviously, you need to make that phone call immediately but here a just a few of our tips on things that you should do whilst you wait for the help to arrive.

1. Turn off the water!

This may sound like an obvious thing to do but in the heat of moment it is natural to panic. Depending on the severity of the leak, you may be able to isolate the water supply in one room such as a bathroom. However, if the leak is more serious you will need to locate the water main shut off for all your property.

2. Open the clean out valve (if you have one)

If the problem is with a drain or overflowing toilet it may be possible to open a clean out valve that will let the sewage out onto your garden. Obviously, this is far from ideal but is it certainly better than raw sewage swimming around your property. There could be hygiene issues connected to this so it may be advisable to seek the advice of the emergency plumber when you make the call.

3. Make sure you are calling an emergency plumber

It is important to understand that not all plumbers offer an emergency callout service and those that do may have slow response times. A quality plumbing company will prioritise these types of call-out and should be with you in a matter of hours. Backed up sewage or a serious leak can have devastating effects on you and your property. Time really is of the essence so you need to find out WHEN the plumber will be with you. Many companies will offer a 24-hour service meaning that you won't have to wait until the morning to get the matter resolved.

4. Minimise water damage

If you have a leaking pipe or a leaking washing machine it is advisable to try and minimise the water damage you towels and mops. The more water that you can get out of your property the better and should be treated as one of your priorities.

Obviously, none of us ever want to call on the services of an emergency plumber in Perth, but if we do it is important to know who you can turn to. It is always advisable to go on personal recommendations but this isn't always possibly. If this is the case with you, a search on Google for a well-established, respected tradesman that has the manpower and the ability to respond to your crisis is exactly what you should be looking for.