Five Modular Kitchen Mistakes to Avoid

When designing a kitchenette, your objective is to create a space that ensures a pleasant cooking experience. And modular kitchens can deliver you that provided you get the design and installation right. In some cases, homeowners often end up making a few mistakes while setting up modular kitchens in Kochi. Hiring the expert interior designers or architects and entrusting them with your kitchen designing project would be a great idea.

Regardless of whether you are upgrading your existing kitchen into a modern layout or creating a new kitchen, make it a point to have a better understanding of your needs and financial limitations. This will help in avoiding a lot of mistakes. Below listed are some of the top five mistakes people often commit while installing modular kitchens in Ernakulam or any other locality. Go through the following points thoroughly so that you can avoid them.

1. Blocking the flow of kitchen triangle: The basic rule of creating a modular kitchen is to get the kitchen triangle (sink, stove and fridge) right. In some cases, the area of kitchen triangle will be crammed and obstructed which affects the overall work efficiency. Hence install the sink close to stove and refrigerator while leaving enough leg room.

2. Lack of storage space: Having adequate storage space is an integral component of a modular kitchen. But many home owners lack the idea and plan to design the storage spaces effectively. There is an extensive and varied array of options available with kitchen cabinets, from which you are sure to find the best options that suit your need. Rather than choosing a design blindly, make it a point to consider the functionality and storage aspects. Make the best use of kitchen corners and empty wall spaces by installing different set of cabinets.

3. Disregarding trash management completely: You need your cooking space to look neat and clutter-free, right? How are you going to achieve a spotless look if you don't have a properly planned trash management system? That is why it is wise to incorporate various sorts of trash bins into your modular kitchen layout.

4. Lack of splashbacks: Ask your interior designer or architect to include glass splashbacks to your modular kitchen layout. Not only they are appealing, but also retain your kitchenette clean. Glass splashbacks protect the walls from stains and also add a subtle accent of shade to the walls.

5. Inadequate lighting and ventilation: Can you imagine working in a poorly lit kitchen? Good ambient lighting is one of the crucial factors of a modern kitchen. Similarly, you need a proper ventilation to keep your cooking spaces smoke-free. You may consider including chimney or range hoods to your kitchen design.


Hiring an experienced interior designer and discussing your specific kitchen needs will help in avoiding the mistakes and creating a modular kitchen that you have always dreamed of.