Five Trending Wall Painting Ideas of 2018

Undoubtedly, colours play an important role in making your home lively and vibrant, hence, choosing a correct paint colour turns out to be significant. Not only striking colours transform the dull environment but also help in keeping your moods in check.

With the beginning of the new year, several beautiful painting trends are dominating the market. Have a look at these fascinating ideas and revamp the boring and tedious walls of your house right away.

1. Textured Wall Painting:

If you are tired of simple and boring colours, you can pick well-designed textured Wall Painting ideas. There is a gamut of special effects available for interior walls that provide them with a distinct and astonishing touch. Moreover, you can even choose textures based on different themes from across the world. Hence, you surely have a lot of options when it comes to textured painting.

2. Waves are Making Way in 2018:

When usual and simple stripes become boring, waves can bring a distinction. This year, people are trying and experimenting with designs on their walls. Be it a single colour or an amalgamation of two; waves certainly look eye-catching and attractive. And then, it is one of the best ways to use colours present in that room.

3. Go Bold, Use Dark:

While there was a time when people preferred light shades on their walls, 2018 is transforming that into something bold. Right from dark red, purple, to green, these rich and thoughtful shades are competent of filling vibrant energy in your rooms. You can even experiment with a couple of shades together and create a new one on your own. If you are confused, you can even take the advice from a professional, given that he is experienced. There are several companies out there that can get you in touch with experts from this domain like HouseJoy and more.

4. Use Abstract Designs:

If you love abstract paintings, there is no way you wouldn't like having those abstract lines on your walls. Whether it turns into a symbolic design or not, the key is to use the free hand and design something marvellous. After all, there is a reason why abstract paintings are so much in demand, isn't it? Take that out of the frame and use that idea on your walls.

5. Turning Walls into a Message Board:

If you wish to spread your message to the world, start with your home. You can decorate your walls with customised messages. For example: Paint the walls of your study room with inspirational messages or use quirky and funny one-liners for the living room. It is one of the best ways to keep the ambience humorous and vibes positive in the house.