Four Reasons Why to Choose High-Quality Paints

We all love to save money with a good deal, even if it's just a few thousands. However, when it is about painting your home, be it the interior or exterior, is the cheapest deal the wisest one? I guess not. While buying the wall paints, if you think of going with cheaper ones, it is going to cost you more in future. Never ever deviate from buying high quality paints that are available in all the paint stores of Nepal and here are the reasons why:

1. Long lasting

High quality paints last twice as longer than cheaper ones and give a smoother finish as well so even if you have to pay a bit much for the paint at first while buying it, it is worthy in the long run. Also, fewer coats of it are enough which saves the paint and less paint means less money your time and energy.

2. Easy to apply

You can choose to do it yourself instead of hiring a painter, as it needs less effort and hides the stains and older paint colour more efficiently. It spreads out smoothly without splatter making it easier to apply. In Nepal, where we are not used to doing it ourselves, it is convenient as it needs less brushing, rolling, retouching and less clean up as well.

3. High endurance

High quality paint endures all kind of weather and resists dirt which means your walls are going to be fingerprints and stains free. Not only that, they are easily cleanable with just wet clothes if it gets stained anyways compared to cheap paints.

4. Better at everything

It consists of higher solid contents (pigments and resins) and less water compared to cheap quality paints enabling it to dry quickly and is durable. It gives a thicker paint film, better hiding, and awesome durability making it better from every aspect, unlike cheap paints.

However, just because you are using high quality paint does not mean you can skip the surface preparation of your interior and exterior walls. Take time to inspect the surface and smoothen up rough places as well as patch holes to dodge the possibility of wear and tear in short period of time. It also helps the paint go smoothly requiring less touch-up and maintenance later.

Happy painting!