Granite The Classical Stone For Interior Design

Natural Stone is a popular material choice for architectural purposes. The inherent variances in each piece of stone caused by Mother Nature are what make their design unique and hence desirable. Natural stone has been used as building and adorning materials since history can remember it and continues to do so even in modern times. Historically, stones that were available locally were chosen due to ease of sourcing and to save up on transportation costs, but in today's world, it is easy enough to use stone from around the world.

Natural stone lends a certain charm to any interior space. Along with being extremely strong and durable, stone is also popular for the easy maintenance and resistance to wear and tear. Since this material is typically available in earthy and neutral shades, they tend to fit in perfectly with most aesthetics. Stones are generally available in slabs or tiles. They can be customised to fit any size, thus reducing wastage and saving up on costs.

Granite is a common example of natural stone used for architectural purposes. It is an igneous rock and has been in use since as far back as Ancient Egypt. It is comprised of compressed grains of quartz, feldspar, mica and other minerals. Depending upon the context, the grains lend the stone its peculiar grain design and colour. The stone generally ranges from shades of white, pink, green and grey, generally scattered with multi-coloured grains.

When it comes to interior design of a particular house, kitchen is the most important spaces to consider. The layout needs to be well thought of as well as the material selection. Ones that are easy to clean and maintain are always popular. The best kitchen countertops are those that are heat and chip resistant and don't require changing after a few years. Granite is the perfect example of such a material. The years of weathering in the natural environment makes and the compressed grain composition makes it highly durable. It is also chip and crack resistant. Granite platforms are easy to clean and can withstand high temperatures.

Another popular usage of the material is in the bathroom. Platforms in the bathroom are handy to have around the sink for placing toiletries. They also enhance the look of the bathroom and maintain a neatness in the space. Granite bathroom countertops are water resistant and aren't affected by steam and high temperatures. They are easy to maintain and are very strong in nature. Their generally neutral tones and easily customisable sizes make them a practical choice.

Granite is a stone that has similar classic tones as that of marble. They both tend to make any space grand and sophisticated. Granite countertop prices however are less than that of marble. Similarly, this stone is also a popular choice with the modern aesthetic as compared to marble. Due to its wide availability and easy sourcing, granite continues to remain a prevalent choice for interior and exterior architectural purposes.