Home Office Organization Tips And Tricks

Whether you have a home office to help you organize and keep track of important files, documents, bills, etc. or you are a work-from-home employee or business owner, an organized office is the key to productivity and success. However, I know this isn't necessarily the simplest of tasks. Your priorities lie elsewhere; you're busy focusing on your work tasks and upcoming projects and presentations. When you're not working, you're busy with household chores and running errands, and on top of all that, you do try to have a somewhat average social life.

But, an organized office could actually help you finish up those work tasks a little sooner than you otherwise might, giving you more time with your family and friends. Think about it, the less time you spend rummaging through file folders (both on paper and online) the more time you're alloted to actually focus on work. An organized work day begins with an organized workspace. Here's a few home office organization tips and tricks to help make that possible.


  • Clean out your junk drawer

Everyone has that one drawer in their house that's overflowing with miscellaneous items and every family member tries to avoid opening at all costs. Clean it out now! Don't use the, “I'm waiting until spring cleaning,” excuse. Throw out the dull pens, irrelevant sticky notes and phone numbers or email addresses, rubber bands and paper clips which are no longer holding anything together, and other odds and ends office supplies. Use drawer organizers to grant each category of office supplies their own place.

  • Clean up your online file system

A cluttered online file system is just as complicated and time consuming to sort through as the file system in your desk drawer. Keep as many documents online as possible to eliminate cramming your desk with even more files than it already contains. Organize your file folders by date, project, department, or any other way that makes sense for you. Also, don't forget to delete old emails and passed projects.

  • Wire management

Although your monitor, phone, printer, and all other wires may not be directly in your way, they can make your space seem unnecessarily crowded. Utilize a wire management system to conceal wires and color code or label them in order to quickly differentiate which wire belongs to which device. You can also conceal wires with different colored twist ties to keep them organized and out of the way.

Storage Space

  • Bookshelf or shelving system

A large bookshelf or shelving system creates tons of extra space for storage . You can use bins to contain your items neatly on their shelves or this can double as a display case for decorative items, books, or awards. A label maker can help you designate the bins to specific items and remind you where each item is when you're looking for it. The correct bookshelf can be a marvelous decor piece itself to tie the room together if used properly.

  • Wall or hanging storage solutions

Any hanging storage solution is useful because it generates additional storage space without taking up any extra room on your desk or floor space. This is the perfect solution for those smaller office spaces.

  • Rolling storage cart

A rolling storage cart is an extremely convenient organization idea because you can roll the necessary items or supplies near you when needed and store them out of the way when they're not.

  • Monitor stand

A monitor stand simply creates additional work surface space by slightly lifting your monitor above your desk and allowing room under the monitor stand for additional items if needed. Some monitor stands aso offer additional built-in storage solutions.

Designated Stations

  • Printing station or cart

Your printing station should hold your printer, paper, toner, extra ink, a shredder (if it fits and you have one), and maybe even a hole puncher, stapler, and paper clips depending on what the space allows and how you choose to organize your workspace .

  • Priority area

Your priority area can be organized in a multitude of ways depending on your organization techniques, items being displayed, etc.

    • This could be a hanging display or display board, showing off all important and priority items so you're constantly reminded of them.
    • You could use a color coded letter tray and organize items by urgency or type of task required, to suggest a few ideas.

There are a few ways to set up and organize your priority area. So, whichever method you prefer and works best for you is the optimal solution.

Other Organization Tips

  • Keep your most used items and essentials closest to you and within arm's reach

Anything else can be neatly stored in other spaces around your office.

  • Color code your filing system

This technique is an easier way to prioritize and organize your files in a systematic, easy-to-find solution.

  • DIY organizers

I recommend desktop organizers for supplies as well. DIY organizers allow you to show off your creativity and have a little fun with the decorating and organizing process. You also get the opportunity to add something unique to your space.

With your freshly organized workspace containing everything you could possibly need , you can be as productive both in and out of the office as ever. All your items and prioritized tasks are exactly where they belong in their easy-to-find, designated location. And your space looks better than ever too. Enjoy your clutter-free day!