Homemade Fire Pit

Homemade Fire Pit

Home made fire pit  ia a useful accessory during both warm and cold weather. Fire pit is a point for meetings and it can also serve as a special Grill.

Construction of a fire pit in your yard can be achieved using just a few tools and basic building materials. Home made fire pit does not need to be expensive to be effective. Turn your patio into a cozy space with a simple fire pit construction.

Find a location in the yard for the campfire that is away from any structure or trees. Outside corners should keep the flames away from the walls and keep the smoke away form the house. Make sure the fire pit is in a level area.

put a layer of gravelCreate a barrier between the patio and the fire pit. Place an aluminium fire pit plate sheet (if you have one) in the courtyard, where the fire pit is going to be built.

Build the base of the pit of fire. Place a ring of bricks around the edges of the aluminum sheet with all the bricks taking the shape of the sun’s rays extending outward. Keep a visible edge of the aluminum plate sheet on all sides. Make the ends of the brick from touching to form a closed circle.

Place a layer of gravel in the middle of the circle of the bricks so as to cover the inner circle.

make 2 holes like shown on the pictureBuild another layer of bricks using the same pattern as the first layer. Place the third layer of bricks so that they rest on the top of two layers of the bricks under. Make 1 inch even space between the bricks or make 2 holes like shown on the picture below. This will allow the air flow inside the homemade fire pit, also keeping the smoke inside the pit. Continue building until you have 4-5 layers of bricks.
Start the campfire. Adjust the grill on the bricks. Center the grid so that the majority of the edges are on the bricks. We recommend you use a heavy enough grill to put the pressure on the bricks for a steady construction.

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