How Do I Know if Raccoons Are Living in My Attic?

Raccoons are sly and intelligent animals that can easily find their way into residential homes. Whether it's the roof, garage, shed, crawl space, or the attic; raccoons will go to any lengths to find shelter from cold and undesirable weather conditions.

Among their favorite spots to crash, residential and commercial buildings are perfect hideaways from the cold. There are several ways to determine whether or not raccoons are on your property or inside your house. To learn some helpful tips on locating raccoons in your house, continue reading and get started today.

Signs of Raccoon Intrusion

One of the most common signs that raccoons are living inside your home is hearing strange noises at night. Many homeowners have discovered that raccoons are in their attic or garage by hearing strange noises after bedtime. Clicking, squeaking, and scratching sounds are common noises that come from raccoons, or other wild animals, inside your house. If anyone hears these noises on a consistent nightly basis, there may be raccoons nearby.

More evidence of raccoon intrusion is finding their droppings. This is a full-proof method to conclude you have a raccoon living on your property. If you find their droppings, this means they are hunting and feeding in the same area. Raccoon waste looks black and coiled-like. Ask a wildlife removal expert in town for more details about identifying raccoon droppings.

If you start to notice a foul odor in your home, this could be from the accumulation of raccoon waste in the attic. If a raccoon colony is living in the attic for an extended period of time without you knowing, the accumulation of their urine, droppings, and rotten food debris will begin to smell; and the smell will begin to seep into the living spaces of the home.

This is when it is time to call a raccoon control company to handle the situation. A reputable raccoon removal company should be able to remove the raccoons safely and humanely, restore any structural damages, and clean up the raccoon mess with sanitation services. The quicker you can remove raccoons from your home, the less damage and potential health hazards are likely to affect your home and family.