How Should we Keep Our Pool Water Clean?

Keeping the water of your pool crystal clear always is an arduous task as you have to take up the maintenance work seriously. Aquabot pool cleaner is such a pool cleaner which is known for its best pool cleaning services. However, if your pool is not properly maintained, the water can become discolored and cloudy. Under this condition, it often looks hazy and green. However, there are a few steps that you have to follow regularly to keep your pool clean and shining in which your family and friends can enjoy.

Ways to keep your pool clean

Aquabot provides exceptionally advanced cleaning experience. Now, let us see how to keep your pool clean:

  • The water should be properly disinfected. Keep sanitation at the adequate level. If you keep the chlorine level above 1 ppm it will keep the pool water free of germs as it has been found that the very well maintained pools also have germs. The walls and the floors should be brushed. Adding a small dosage of algaecide will keep the growth of algae in the pool at bay and as a result, the pool will not turn green. This procedure is economically viable and most effective to maintain the water clear.
  • Water should be circulated through the entire system. This will be at a specific rate. This circulation of water through the entire system ensures circulation of chemicals and disinfectant and thereby provides proper filtration. Keep the skimmer and line basket free of debris and no harmful chemical should be added.
  • Among several best pool cleaners in the world, the Aquabot filters sand from the inside out. However, sand can damage some product when added to the pool. Many operators add a blue clarifier or flocculants to have the water clear. A high rate sand filter clarifier, if used, can bring down the effectiveness of the sand in the filter and may even slow down the process of filtering. Here, even though the water is passing through the filter it is in fact, not being filtered effectively and as a result, water will be cloudy and the pool will be green. Algae are very small and keep on circulating as these flows between the grains of sand in many filters. The dead algae can be backwashed out of the filter by catching the same by putting some other products in the filter. The pool then becomes clear and shining.

Benefits of clean swimming pool

  • Better Filtration
  • Kills Algae and Bacteria
  • Minimizes Requirement for Chlorine
  • Keeps Pool Looking Better, Longer
  • Better for the cleaner's Components
  • Safe for the Skin and Eyes
  • Harmless to Humans and Pets
  • Saves Money in the Long Run


A clean swimming pool is healthy and safe for the skin and eyes. Better filtration kills algae and bacteria. Aquabot being one of the best robotic cleaners makes your swimming pool sparkles and looks better. The chlorine requirement is minimized and saves money in the long run. So, do not think twice; keep the pool adequately clean.

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