How to Add More Space And Value to Your Home Without Sacrificing Walls

Don't like the wallpaper of your mobile or laptop? The next thing you do is to change it. The rug in drawing room or the table in dining area is not to your taste? You replace them with something you like. Fed up with same old paint on your walls and design of the interior? You hardly wait to give them a makeover.

But what do you do when you want to create more living space without going through the messy business of moving (or removing) walls? You develop cold feet and just drop the idea. You just wish it was as easy as shifting stuff around, right?? The good news is, now it is!

Don't let staircase hog more space than it should

Having a chunky staircase will eat up valuable space, like one under it, you could have utilized otherwise. Moreover it can make your home feel cramped and dark, even more so if the hallway is not spacious and bright. Choose the type that takes minimum space, like glass-sided one. It will refract and reflect light making the space brighter in addition to giving the illusion of extra space. Call in a local carpenter or staircase specialist in the UK for more ideas and better execution.

Have a porch or two? Enclose it!

Every home has a porch and I guess yours is no different. Enclosing your open porch will add to the look and function of it without costing you too much. You'll feel secure enough to let it solve some of your clutter problems. Think of adding lighting and power sockets to make the porch more functional. Enclosing porches are not projects big enough to warrant a permit or license but check with your local council none-the-less. Any surprise on that front may prove to be very costly so act smart. Having walled your porch in, you can go ahead hanging your shoes, umbrellas and coats in there. What's more, you can even use it as a home for woods or condensing tumbler dryer. To know what more you can do with an enclosed porch, consult a skilled local builder.

Put your basement to better use

Your basement or cellar, whatever you like to call it, can serve as much more than being just a wine or junk storeroom. You can convert this space into any room you want unlike the loft which often ends up as a bedroom. Turn it into an office or study room for yourself, a playroom for your kid or maybe a utility space for your wife. The makeover will be quick, economical and permission-free as long as you are not altering the height. Contacting a recommended home advisor will open you to more such possibilities and we think you must do that.

Consider adding a sunroom

Adding a sunroom is one of the most cost-effective home improvement projects. Unlike an orangery or conservatory, a sunroom uses more brickwork than glasswork. This way it's neither too bright-and-transparent nor less warm-and-sunny than you prefer. Though it's typically used in warmer seasons but you can also connect it to your heating system and voila you have an all-weather space.

Can't live without workouts? Turn it into an excellent Workout space. Want to have a herb garden of your own? It will serve you great. It's nothing short of a picnic to have your meal in the sun and you can do the same here. Lack room for guests? Shift them here. When it comes to adding value and functionality to your living space, you can never go wrong with a sunroom.