How to Install an Effective Tile System

An effective tile system refers to a drainage system integrated into tiles which helps redirect water away from your house's foundations. Cities such as Toronto and Ottawa are on a large water aquifer which provides groundwater for many Canadians.

Why You Need an Effective Tile System

In such cities, many areas have high water table issues. An exterior weeping tile installation can help prevent water from seeping into your foundations and basement, and lead it away safely. This is a highly effective system as it redirects the water before it can come near the foundations, ensuring no possible damage.

Many house owners face the hassle and expense of flooding, to prevent this you can opt for an interior weeping tile installation. This is a functional variant if you cannot, for any reason, dig the area surrounding your house to install an external weeping tile system, or your house has already been constructed.

You can integrate it into your basement where it will manage the water that would otherwise collect near your walls and lead it away from the structure entirely. You can also do it yourself, below are the steps to an interior weeping tile installation ( with a sump pump.

Step by Step Weeping Tile Installation

  1. Use a jackhammer to remove 18-inches of concrete around the walls of your basement to expose the dirt under.

  2. Dig an 8-inch deep trench along the footing, keeping the width at 12-inches

  3. Choose a place for the sump basin and position it so that top aligns with the concrete floor.

  4. Now fill the trench with 2-inches of gravel and place the weeping tile so that its end is pushed through the basin's knockout.

  5. Fill the entire trench in the same way, creating a loop around the basement.

  6. Add more gravel, leaving 3 or 4-inches for concrete.

  7. Now you will need to edge the footing of the trench with a 6-mil polyethylene sheet, after which you will position the floor edging, with the 6-mil sheet behind it

  8. Put down a sheet of 6-mil polyethylene on top of the gravel and lay the concrete

  9. Lastly, you will install the pump in the basin and make sure the discharge pipe is directed at least 6-ft away from the house.

PROTIP: If you have a concrete foundation, drill 1-inch holes to drain the blocks' cores. You can rent a rotary hammer to help you.

Materials Needed for Weeping Tile Installation

  • Hammer

  • Jackhammer

  • Hammer drill

  • Spade

  • Trowel

  • Wheelbarrow

  • Safety glasses

  • Gloves

  • Dust mask

  • 6-mil polyethylene

  • Concrete

  • Gravel

  • Floor edging

  • Drain tiles

  • Sump basin and pump

While the materials needed in a weeping tile installation are relatively inexpensive and the process is pretty straightforward; the labor is intense. There will get a lot of digging, stripping and carrying dirt and rubble, to and fro.

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