How to Keep Your Home Warm

How to keep your home warm

Heating home in winter is not easy. It consumes 70% of household energy. So while keeping your home warm – reducing this figure will help cut energy bills. Here are some simple steps to keep your home warm and cozy and save some cash.

1. Use your curtains

Make the most of the heat from the sun. During the day open your curtains and let the sun heat in. Shut your curtains when it gets dark, curtain acts as a layer of insulation and keep the heat in the house. Check the curtains for any leaks or gap so the cool air stays out.

2. Use timers on your central heating

If you are using boiler, turning it on a little earlier may be a good idea but in lower temperature it is cheaper as you need at it a higher temperature by turning it on just as you need. You set your thermostat to 20 or 30 Centigrade the boiler heat up at a constant speed. When you don't need it – turn off the boiler so you don't have to pay for keeping it on.

3. Move your sofa

Having your favorite seat in front of the radiator may feel great, but the seat is absorbing heat and it stops the heat to warm your home. To warm your home just move your seat, also keep your drying clothes and curtains away from the radiator.

4. Maximize your insulation

25% of heat is lost through the roof. It can be reduced by installing 25cm of insulation throughout your loft. You should check your walls because in uninsulated home third of the heat is lost this way. It is not as cheap as loft insulation but it will reduce your yearly heating bills.

5. Wrap up warm

Make sure that your hot water tank is properly insulated or lagged. It will keep the water warm for longer than usual and it will also reduce the heating cost. It is reckon that insulating an uninsulated water tank will help you save some money.

8. Install thermostatic radiator valves

University of Sanford research has shown that installing thermostatic radiator valves and heating controls helps saving 40% of energy compared to a house with no controls. By installing them it will allow to program your heating in predefined times so you can save energy when you don't need it. New thermostats can also be remotely controlled via your mobile so you can turn on your heating before reaching home, ensuring nice and comfy when you arrive.

9. Upgrade your boiler

If you got a more than 10 years old boiler, may be it is time to get a new and more efficient model. By replacing your boiler you can save up some money. A new model of boiler produce the same amount of heat using less energy and it will not have any issues during the winter season.