How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner in Plymouth?

In the modern era, air conditioners have become an inseparable part of lifestyle. It serves multifarious functions. From helping you to increase your work productivity to ensuring that you have a sound sleep at night, ACs have become indispensable in more ways than one. ACs are considered to be the life savers in the scorching summer seasons. However, in order to keep your AC in top-notch condition, it is imperative that you perform regular maintenance.

Just like any other electronic appliance, ACs are also susceptible to malfunctioning and can break-down in the middle of a sweltering day, if not maintained properly. Maintaining your air conditioners will not only help to increase their lifespan, but can also help to save your hard-earned money. However, despite your sincere attempts to keep your ACs in prime condition, it might still need the assistance of companies dealing with ac service and repair.

So you must be wondering about how to maintain your AC and extend its overall lifespan. These valuable tips will assist your AC to keep you cool for some extra years.

1) Shutting the power off:

Your ACs is an electronic appliance and is constantly in direct exposure to electricity. In order to avoid risks of short circuit or unintentional damages, it's sensible to turn off the electricity when not in use.

2) Removing the debris:

Here you need to remove the cage of the fan from the outdoor unit. With the help of a screwdriver or wrench, carefully remove the screws and slowly lift the fan grill from the top of the unit. Now, the debris will be visible inside. You need to remove the debris and reinstall the fan cage.

3) Cleaning the fins:

Now, you need to remove the outside cover and gently clean the fins from the inside, to remove all the visible dirt, which has built up between the fins. Prefer not to use a pressure washer, because it can damage the fins.

4) Make the fins straight:

Straightening the bent fins can increase air flow and increase the overall efficiency of the AC. Use a butter knife or a tool, but ensure that you do not damage the tubing below the fins.

5) Level the condenser unit:

The outdoor condenser unit is vulnerable to displacement, because of external factors. In order to prevent it from falling down, keep in leveled.

6) Cleaning the evaporator coil:

This involves a much deeper cleaning, where you need to remove few screws and find the evaporator coil. Then you need a dust off the coil with the help of a small brush and clean the coil, using a no-rinse coil cleaner. After cleaning, carefully replace the coil door.

7) Unplug a plugged evaporator drain:

Evaporator drain is usually a one inch pipe, in white, grey or black color. Locate it and ensure that no debris is trapped inside. If yes, then clean it with a dry vacuum cleaner.

Alternatively, you can also seek professional assistance of several reputed air conditioning service companies. This will help to save your time and effort too.