How to Match Your Blinds to Make a Room Look Perfect??

Styling your house can be a real daunting job and you would really want it to look really perfect and trendy, in order to make that happen, you should have an idea about all the latest trends and styling options so that you can make an informed decision.

Amidst all the kind of designing that you have to take care of while you are styling your house, you should not skip the concept of window dressings and how it has a great way of changing the look of the room completely. Nowadays, custom blinds and shutters are also being seen making rounds because of the amazing styles, colors and designs that have come in the market.

Let us have a look at some of the tips you can make use of while selecting a window dressing for your house:


This style has garnered a lot of attention and love from people all around in recent times. Infused with sharp and clean lines and soothing light colors, this one is for those who wouldn't want too loud of a designing in their house. An array of textures and solid, well made furnishings are seen beautifully decking up the windows because of these pale and monochromatic schemes of colors that you have in this kind of selection. The key factor that prevents this style from becoming extremely clinical is the addition of wood, linen, stone and other natural materials. Perfect fit blinds are the perfect ones for this Scandinavian style to provide an enhancement for the clean cut.


What makes the Bohemian interiors a hit amidst the mass is their cheerful color, texture and prints. This is the kind of style that can go with just any room of your house and has the ability to give an amazing effect in the bedrooms and living rooms. Bohemian style does a wonderful job when paired with the roman blinds that are always full of rich fabrics and wild colors. There are a number of preferences that you get with the selection of color palettes as well that would involve a lot of vibrant, warm, shiny colors and some metallics. All these collections make for one amazing combination.


As the name itself says, this type is made by taking inspiration from the industrial era. Hence it is obvious that this type will give you more of a rugged and rough look for the dressing and would involve a series of colors that would have lots of shades of grays, browns, metallic and monochrome. As far as the selection of materials goes, you can expect a lot of brick, wood and metal which are enough to stir the interests. You can find a lot of difference in the industrial style room finishing, some might have very minimal sort of designing well other can have a more elaborate space. Aluminum Metal venations are just the thing that you should be looking for the industrial design room


In case you have been wondering what can possibly inspire a rustic look for the styling process, then it's the country living, think more of classic farmhouse to get the feel. It goes without saying that this kind of a style carries a lot of charm and warmth and is just the ideal choice to create a more homely atmosphere. These kind of rustic interiors are often characterized by warm earthy shades and use of materials such as stone, burlap, wool and liberal wood. For the rustic nature, roman blinds are once again the perfect choice.