How to Plan Your Bike Racks

If you want to encourage more environmentally friendly transport at your business premises, you may have already started to look at bike racks for sale. Unfortunately, just like planning a regular car park, you need to put a little thought into bike parking and the best location at your site. So, here we will explore how to plan your rack placement to maximise safety, space, and convenience.

Identify Current Site Problems

The first step in planning the placement for your bike racks is to consider current site problems. Do you already have employees that lock their bikes to any static features that seem secure in your car park? This can not only create hazards to any pedestrians, but it can also cause damage to railings, lights and other fixtures. If your employees have already developed a habit of using these improvised bike parking sites, you will need to ensure that the new bike racks are just as convenient and easy to use.

Think Visibility

If a cyclist can't find the bike racks, they won't be used. Although you may want to keep the entrance to your building clear, you should think about placing your bike rack within 20 metres. When placing bike racks, Perth business owners often consider increasing visibility by painting the racks in bright colours, so why not create a colour theme to complement your business logo or building aesthetics? You will also need signage to designate the bike parking area to make it easier for any visitors or new employees.

Capacity and Space

Finally, you need to think about the demand for bike parking and your available space. There is no point in installing dozens of bike racks if you only have a handful of employees who ride. Think about how many bikes will be parked at your premises, but remember to think about future expansion. You will also need to think about any space restrictions. You will need adequate space to ensure that the racks can be safely used without injury or damage. As a general rule, a 5 metre square is usually sufficient for racks to accommodate 50 bikes. You will need a space that is not obstructing access doors, street furniture or any other objects. You will also need to ensure that any right of way remains clear. There are a number of ways to configure bike racks, and there are racks of different sizes, so regardless of the available space, you are sure to find an effective solution with a little thought and planning.

If you are thinking about installing bike racks, Perth property owners should speak to us. We offer a diverse selection of bike racks for sale, and the Image Bollards team members are on hand to answer any queries you may have to help you find the bike racks best suited to your unique requirements.