Ideas for DIY Wine Cork Crafts

DIY Wine Cork Crafts made from wine corks in the interior can be very diverse. How exactly to use them – it depends on your imagination. In this article we will show you enough examples in order to wake it up.

Do you love wine? Do you like to craft your own decorations to spice up the holidays? Well, this article is for you. Never throw away your corks and bottles, use these fun ways to turn your wine recyclables into art or gifts or both.

Therefore, we suggest you start collecting corks after the parties in your friendly company. Well, if you don’t drink, perhaps you should think about, not to start a friendship with the owner or employee of a coffee shop that serves wine.

So, how you can decorate your home using Wine Corks?

You can make decorations for candles, coasters for glasses or plates, murals wall and much more. Crafts from wine corks can be set as purely decorative, and useful in your home.

We have more interesting details in our DIY Wine Cork Crafts photo collection.

How to make a creative bar sign with wine corks

Do you want to make a creative sign that directs your guests to your bar? Or maybe you want to make the initial of your new last name out of corks. Use wine corks to create a name or sign, well, it does take some time and a little bit of effort and patience, but the result is simply amazing and you surely can continue to use after the big day for home decor.

creative bar sign with wine corks

Follow the tips below to ensure your cork DIY looks polished and reception-ready.

Materials that you will need for monogram or sign cork display:

  • Wooden letters from a craft-supply store
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Corks!

Tip: The amount of corks you will need depends, of course, on the size of the letter or sign you are making. If you haven’t saved up quite enough corks, ask a favorite local bar or restaurant save their corks for you!

Using both thin and fatter corks, place the corks on the letter without the hot glue. You want to make sure the corks correctly fit on the letter and all the spaces are filled before adding the glue.

Now, glue the corks to the letter with the wine-stained side facing out. Work in batches to make sure all the spaces are filled.

DIY Wine Cork Crafts photo

There are so many awesome, creative crafts you can do yourself with wine corks. Use the following ideas for DIY wine cork crafts with helpful photos bellow. Create these cute decorations for your home and some useful stuff that will help you to get more organized.

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