Importance of Plot Shape For Interior Design of The House

When it comes to the interior design of the house or any commercial complex, it has to be the best. There are many factors which work together to create a great looking interior, and one of the most sought-after factors is the Vastu of a particular place.

Although it's an age-old methodology to bring peace and prosperity in a particular place, but, its only recently that people have got inclined towards using this science as a part of mainstream interior design process.

There are several reasons which make Vastu Shastra an integral part of our living. Here I will be highlighting on what to keep into consideration while designing the interiors of your house.

But, before that, you must know what Vaastu Shastra is? It makes us live in harmony with nature while making use of five elements of nature.

In Vastu Shastra, the directions play a key role. As you know that there are eight directions and each direction has certain energy associated with it. Here I will be highlighting the importance of interior designing. As per Vastu Shastra, there are ten directions which are as follows:

  1. North
  2. South
  3. East
  4. West
  5. Northeast (Ishan) In the center of South and East.
  6. Southeast (Agneya) In the center of South and East.
  7. Southwest (Nirutya) In the center of South and West.
  8. Northwest (Vayaya) In the center of North and West.
(these four sub-directions are the corners of the house)
9. Space is the ninth direction
10. Patal is the tenth direction.
Apart from the directions, it's the shape of the plot which also influences the ambiance of the house. Here are some of the common shapes of the plot and its impact:
Square plot or CHADUSTAKONA – As the name suggests, all the four sides of the plot are equal. Plots in Vastu Shastra. Such plots are filled with energy and are considered to be very auspicious.
Rectangle plot or AYUDHA- Such plots which have their length twice as that of width are not auspicious. However, if the length is more than the twice of the width, it is good. For example, if the width of the rectangular plot is 100 meter and if the length is 200 meter then it not good but if the length is more than 200 meter then its hood. Such plot will bring prosperity.
Triangular plot – Such plots are not considered good. They bring tension, disputes, and trouble in life. To sum up, it is a hub for negative energies.
Circular plot- Such plots are not good for house construction. They bring defame.
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Gou Mukhi – As the name suggests, such plot has the shape which resembles that of cow's face. It has a broader end and is narrower in the front. They are considered to be very auspicious and good for construction of the house.
Lion-faced or SimhaMukhi- Such plot's shape resemble the face of a lion and has a broader front area and is narrower at the back. Such plots are not considered auspicious.
It was the basic idea about the shape of plot and its impact on the ambiance of the house. However, the views of some Vastu experts might differ on certain aspects.