Install Artificial Turf In Winter

Winter is the perfect time to install artificial turf into your property if you live in the southwestern portion of the United States. In hot climates like we see in Las Vegas and other surrounding desert communities, the summer of 2017 was quite damaging from a landscaping aspect, due to the fact that water became scarce. The one reason that Las Vegas was able to become a city instead of simply remaining as a small desert town on the way to California was that water became available when Lake Mead was created. This supply of water was enough for many people to drink, and assured all residents that they would not be left without. However the city has grown at a far faster pace than the water supply could handle, and got to a point where a drought situation would reduce the supply of water to levels that could not assure that every resident had clean drinking water. This drought situation triggers mandatory water conservation efforts including the prohibition of watering your lawn enough to keep it green. This is considered as wasteful when the water is necessary for animals and humans. This has been the situation in Las Vegas for several years now. The water shortages have been increasing each year, and it is becoming more and more important for residents to conserve.

For the reason of water conservation, many cities like Las Vegas encourage residents to completely remove landscaping that is considered “water wasteful.” Lets face is, a lush and green lawn is not natural for the Las Vegas environment, as we are actually situated in the middle of the desert. These types of plants cannot survive here without an ongoing supply of water from sprinklers, so when there is a shortage the priority has to be placed on human beings having enough water to drink over grass. This is why the cities are involved in programs that will rebate home owners for the installation of ground coverings that do not waste water. A perfect example of this is the installation of artificial turf in Las Vegas, where the city will provide you with a rebate of up to two dollars for every square foot of grass that you remove and replace with synthetic grass. Because the removal of living grass can conserve up to 55 gallons of water per year for every square foot, it is in the interest of the city to offer these kinds of rebates. Over time the home owners will save money not only in watering expenses, but also in landscaping expenses as the synthetic turf does not grow. This saving of money while also doing your part to be a positive influence on the community is causing many Las Vegas residents to rethink their grass choices this winter, and during the time when they would be spending money to repair summer damage by adding sod or reseeding, instead they are turning to a better alternative in artificial turf.