Interesting Nightstand Ideas For a Sleek And Functional Bedroom

No matter how small or large your bedroom is, having a smart and user-friendly nightstand always helps you keep your nighttime essentials within arms reach. There are a million nightstand ideas that are functional and that merge well with the rest of your interior. But when you zero in on your preferred nightstand ideas, ensure that you consider its purpose, your room's dimensions, interior theme, and storage options. Here are a few options you might want to consider.

Perfect Match

Make sure that your nightstand blends well with the rest of your decor plan. A completely wood-based interior must have a wooden nightstand. Look for options that can accommodate some subtle lighting in the form of night-time table lamps.

Storage-focused nightstand

When space is an issue, you can look for extensive storage options in your nightstand. This space can store some bedtime essentials such as medications, light reading materials, lotions, and such small yet important items.


Look for attractive designs on your nightstand so it provides an attractive support to your bedroom. The elegance of vintage designs on your nightstand will lift the interior decor quotient of your bedroom exponentially.


DIY and makeshift nightstand ideas are both attractive and super fun. Try repurposing empty crates as funky nightstands in your child's bedroom and experiment with the multiple items you can stock in there.

Wall-mounted shelves

Simple wall-mounted shelves are extremely easy options for nightstands and are extremely handy. They are also smart space savers, with the option of using the space below for chairs or stools.


Color-coordinated trolley nightstands give you the option of moving these tables around. A small storage area in these stands also adds options to keep your bedroom essentials safe.

Multipurpose tables

For rooms that are too small to accommodate extra side tables, using a work or study table to duplicate as a nightstand also works wonders.

Unique ideas

Get a little funky and crazy and experiment with unusual nightstand options, including casting the chair in the role of a nightstand. Now that's certainly going to be an eye-catching idea!

Built-in nightstands

You could also consider this option right at the construction stage and create built-in shelves behind your bed that double as nightstands.

The ideas are plenty and our interior design experts know a million more. So if you need any help with choosing the perfect nightstand match for your bed, just get in touch with us at