Interior Design Ideas For Hotel

Interior designing has become a tough job as the trends change within a span of time and the designer should have knowledge about the recent trends to be in the competition in this rapid growing society. Likewise, hotels have clearly adapted to the recent trends with creative designs.

Hotel owners know the importance of accommodation and quality as it is one of the first sign the customer observe when arrived. That is why Hotel owners always design their hotels from one of the best interior designers to keep their business as one of the top firm in the society. Here we have collected some of the best interior design ideas for hotel rooms which you need to see.

Lobbies visualized as dynamic multi use spaces

First impression is the best impression. That is why hotel owners give more importance to entrance lobbies as social encounters are more dependent in these particular hotel areas. Also hotel lobbies provide multi use space for casual and formal talks because of the new business traveling trend. Both social and intimate zones are necessary for delivering both comfort and functionality. As a new trend most hotel market includes indoor waterfalls, large chandeliers and multimedia stations.

Guestroom configurations

The old classic bed-table-locker combination is long gone and in today's world the guests are surprised as the rooms have become more comfortable and are meeting their expectations. As interior designing in the modern hospitality industry is very different from one other, the creative ideas are emerging differently for different hotels.

An extra sofa next to the king sized bed, creative offices for business travellers, interesting TV panels are some of the new trends in the hotel room. As guests expect to experience unique accommodation, more color explosions and eclectic decor mixes can be seen.

Spa like Bathroom features

Bathrooms styles like minimized spaces, auxiliary rooms in order to make living areas bigger are now stopped. A modern tourist expects more than what he gets in his own house in a hotel room. Hotel owners should understood this and design their hotel rooms according to the likes of their happy customers. Likewise, bathrooms also have a resort like spa features for relaxation. Also waterfall showers, oversized bath tubs, giant tubs and many more have become the new trend.

Green features

While designing a hotel a designers have to think of innovative ideas to be ahead of the game to give a unique and innovative look to the hotels. New and creative Innovations like green walls and green roofs, over-sized windows for natural lighting, recycling bins for guests, electric water faucets, and locally grown food for cooking, graywater recycling are some of the ideas that are in use by some of the hotels for staying green.