Is Your Air Conditioner Causing Improper Humidity

Humidity is the reason which makes us feel comfortable or uncomfortable as it directly affects the temperature of our surroundings. If you are familiar with the functioning of an air conditioner, then you must know that balancing the humidity of the atmosphere is the job of an AC, as the Wills Carrier, the inventor of air conditioning system, defined that “an air conditioner is a machine that maintains the appropriate humidity in all the parts of a building”. If you are not getting satisfied with the humidity level of your unit, then you should take help of the AC Repair Miami.

Oversized Air Conditioner: It is the main reason behind the improper humidity in the atmosphere of your home and if you are thinking that we are talking about the physical size of the unit, then you are absolutely wrong as an over-sized AC means that the capacity of your unit is much more than the requirement of your home. Generally, it happens when you purchase an air conditioner without taking the advice of an experienced person or technician. Following signs can be noticed, if the amount of humidity is increasing in your home:

(1) You will start feeling some clammy air.

(2) Moisture can easily be felt on wooden furniture.

(3) Due to the moisture, lustrous windows will become foggy.

(4) Sometimes, the inappropriate smell may also be felt.

Solutions for the Oversized AC Unit:

You can set up your system to circulate indoor fan motor even after turning off of the unit. This will give some moving air across the evaporator coil. This air will help to remove moisture from condenser coil and make it dry as much as it could be. The latest units are designed in a way so that their fans would run for 1-2 minutes even after the air conditioner turned off.

Using large evaporator coil is also a solution to get rid of excessive humidity. More surface area means fewer restriction and fewer restriction means less condensation which means controlled humidity. Don't get worried about the electricity bills as the new evaporator coils are more energy efficient as compared to the older ones.

If none of the above solutions works, then get the most appropriate solution from the AC Repair Miami.