Joblana Test on Blockchain Technology

Where all the world, such as the US, Japan, China, UK, and all developed countries, are giving the importance of BlockChain Technology, using BlockChain Technology in all their technology. Looking at all this, the Jablana platform, which is the best №1 platform for India and the Global Assessment Test. he is making the test based on blockchain technology. There are many advantages to having a blockchain technology Joblana test. which is like this.

First of all, know about blockchain technology and its advantages.

The blockchain is a digital ledger which has recorded economic transactions in the form of blocks that can be viewed publically without any alteration. Apart from financial transactions, it can also be used for other purposes.

Five of the biggest advantages of blockchain technology.

1. Transparency

One of the prime reasons blockchain is intriguing to businesses is that this technology is almost always open source. That means other users or developers have the opportunity to modify it as they see fit. But what's most important about it being open source is that it makes altering logged data within a blockchain incredibly difficult. After all, if there are countless eyes on the network, someone is probably going to see that logged data has been altered. This makes blockchain a particularly secure technology.

2. Reduced transaction costs

As noted, blockchain allows peer-to-peer and business-to-business transactions to be completed without the need for a third party, which is often a bank. Since there's no middleman involvement tied to blockchain transactions, it means they can actually reduce costs to the user or businesses over time.

3. Faster transaction settlements

When it comes to traditional banks, it's not uncommon for transactions to take days to completely settle. This is due to protocols in bank transferring software, as well as the fact that financial institutions are only open during normal business hours, five days a week. You also have financial institutions located in various time zones around the world, which can delay processing times. Comparatively, blockchain technology is working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, meaning blockchain-based transactions process considerably more quickly.

4. Decentralization

Another central reason blockchain is so exciting is its lack of a central data hub. Instead of running a massive data center and verifying transactions through that hub, blockchain actually allows individual transactions to have their own proof of validity and the authorization to enforce those constraints. With information on a particular blockchain piecemealed throughout the world on individual servers, it ensures that if this information fell into unwanted hands (e.g., a cyber-criminal), only a small amount of data, and not the entire network, would be compromised.

5. User-controlled networks

Lastly, cryptocurrency investors tend to be really encouraged by the control aspect of the blockchain. Rather than having a third party run the show, users and developers are the ones who get to call the shots. For instance, an inability to reach an 80% consensus on an upgrade tied to bitcoin's blockchain is what necessitated a fork into two separate currencies (bitcoin and bitcoin cash) more than four months ago. Having a say goes a long way with investors and developers.

This concern simply can't be overlooked

But in spite of these pretty clear advantages, the success of blockchain is no sure thing.

How is JobLana using Blockchain Technology to disrupt Job Industry in India?

How JobLana using blockchain technology to conduct the JobLana test?

JobLana is a platform giving the opportunity to freshers and job seekers to get benchmarked score based on JobLana Test powered by blockchain technology to bring themselves closer to more than 2000 recruiters for getting hired and also meeting companies demands to acquire the best talent.

Whether you're a professional looking for jobs, or an employer searching for the best talents for your organization, we're here to help! Committed to our mission to find jobs for people they'll love and connect companies with the talent they need.

The advantage of JobLana to use blockchain technology to select the minded candidate

All the questions which are made for the test are made by industry professionals and directly stored on the blockchain in an encrypted form so that no one can change, delete or see the questions.

All the test pattern and the difficulty level of paper is decided by top industry professionals in each job roles and it's stored on Blockchain so that no one can interfere in the making of the test.

Once the candidate submits the answers at the test center than those answers are automatically encrypted and goes to the blockchain where pre-stored correct answers are already present. Hence using the special secret key these encrypted answers sheet would be decrypted and automatically matched hence removing the role of manual intervention.

The Test Score generated is immediately stored on the blockchain chronologically so it remains safe from any manipulations from anyone and easily accessible to anyone for checking its authenticity using the candidate JobLana Test ID.

This is the biggest success of the Jolana platform and is the biggest contributor to promoting BlockChain Technology in India.