Leading Landscaping Company in Dubai

Hortica is the main Landscaping company in Dubai, and our design philosophy is to generate beautiful gardens to add splendor to your lifestyle. Our experience and inventiveness will help you to make and keep up a sublime Landscape around your zone. We offer inclinations to the utilization of unique materials, attributable to their characteristic profundity and undying qualities.

Our cooperation empowered by structural design that is not only beautiful but also functional. The embellishment of indoor and open-air living is one of our essential points and core interests. We trust that true art is designing a garden that gives its user a great pleasure. Our administrations committed to the open air and indoor garden finishing. We give complete scene administrations, which incorporate scene outline and establishment, support, arbor care and regular shading plan and establishment.

For finishing, we comprehend the significance of your chose territory and give quality scene outlines inside a snappy time span. Our inventive and very talented originators will change your yard into a shocking scene showstopper. We ensure that the excellence of your property will inspire everybody who approaches your open-air space.

other services

landscaping maintenance

we provide excellent landscape maintenance services in Dubai, UAE. With our professional landscape maintenance program, your garden will remain flourishing year after year. Our professional's service is specialized for all your garden needs either residential or commercial. we also undertake annual maintenance programs of gardens at reasonable prices in UAE. We know how to maintain your garden looking its best all year round and we are always available to make it beautifully well-maintained.


The raw material is then washed, heat-treated, screened and graded before being processed into coco peat products of various granularity and denseness. We manufacture Cocopeat under stringent quality control standards. There is a team of professionals working to monitor each and every stage of production to ensure that our product meets the specifications of the buyers.

We circulate the cocopeat items all finished UAE which is utilized for green and horticultural applications and as mechanical permeable. Our cocopeat item is temperate, bio-degradable, 100% characteristic and natural advancing with high generation rate, equivalent to world measures. It is accessible in all squares and sizes as indicated by the client inclinations.

Potting soil

Gardening soil, otherwise called preparing blend or preparing fertilizer, is a developing medium for plants, herbs, and vegetables, utilized as a part of pots and grower. It is sanitized, keeping in mind the end goal to stay away from the spread of weeds and plant-borne infections. It is conceivable to reuse business fertilized soil, gave that the leftovers of plant roots, growth, weeds and creepy crawlies are expelled from the blend through warming before new planting can occur.

Hortica is the main maker and wholesaler of chief natural gardening soils in UAE. We offer novel premium quality gardening soil blends which are 100% natural at a cost reserve funds to our clients. As a perceived firm, we generally guarantee unrivaled consistency and quality control in the generation and appropriation of the finest quality gardening soil