Live A Healthier Lifestyle With The Height Adjustable Desk

Recent scientific findings revealed that sitting for prolonged hours is detrimental to one's health. This habit may lead to various health ailments. To name a few, these include heart problems, cancer, and diabetes, among others. Even if a person has a physically active lifestyle, the effects of prolonged sitting still pose a major threat, so much so that it is linked to a shortened life span, with some research pegging a decrease of seven years to one's life.

Given the big number of jobs which require sitting for long periods of hours, this is not good news for the work force.Thus, in order to address this concern, new innovations are made to ensure that health is not sacrificed even for one who is career-oriented. One such innovation is the height adjustable desk.

As its name suggests, the height adjustable desk is a desk which can be adjusted based on one's preference on whether to sit down or stand up while working. Its main advantage is its flexibility: it can serve as a normal working desk but also allows people to stand up once in a while without interrupting work.

With people's ingenuity, height adjustable desks are made with different materials and come in various forms. A number of desks are made from wood, while others from steel or hard plastic. In terms of form or design, some desks are made height adjustable by having two to three flat surfaces stacked together and positioned so that each flat surface corresponds to a height suitable for either sitting or standing. Meanwhile, another style makes use of springs to lift up the desk and can be adjusted by twisting knobs. Yet again, some inventions lift up not the desk but the actual computer monitor, though this style does not diminish the effectiveness of the desk.

At present, there are already a number of height adjustable desks available in the market. However, despite the urgency of curbing the prolonged sitting habits of people, only a handful of companies appear to make use of this innovation. Quite a number still prefer to use the conventional office desks that we are accustomed to.

Given the threat posed by prolonged sitting, it is high time to be more aware of lessening sitting hours. Also, it would not hurt to make use of innovations such as the height adjustable desk to curb this bad habit.