Living in Australia Why Solar Power Would Benefit You

Australia lends itself perfectly to solar power. Most states experience several hours sunlight each day, even during the winter months and those that experience less will be relieved the learn that many modern solar panels no longer require 'bright' sunlight to generate electricity. Regardless of if you are thinking about using green energy in your home or business, there are lots of reasons why solar power would benefit you.

1. Generate Electricity

The main purpose of any solar system is to generate electricity. The obvious benefit is that this can be deducted from your usual electricity bill at a similar rate to which you pay the energy suppliers. With the introduction of Feed in Tariffs in several Australian states, this can often result in premium rates being paid for green energy. In theory, in any case, it could be possible for the energy retailers to be paying you for electricity rather than the other way around.

2. Reduce Emissions

Nearly all renewable sources of energy save tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year, therefore, reducing the carbon footprint. Solar power is a relatively simple way in which you can make a significant difference by installing panels at your home or business. When you consider that many power stations are still coal-fired, which produces sulphur and mercury in addition to CO2, you will be doing your part when it comes to saving the planet.

3. Be Seen as an Ethical Business

More and more people are turning to ethical and more socially responsible companies. Installing solar panels at your business, and reducing your company's carbon footprint could actually be good for business. The panels will be clearly visible so therefore everyone will be aware that you are doing your bit to reduce greenhouse emissions. From a financial perspective, all savings made are ongoing and the potential increase in sales can only be a good thing for any business.

4. Rebates

A reputable green energy supplier will be aware that the installation of solar panels involves significant capital expenditure. However, in addition to the aforementioned savings on energy bills, there are several government incentives available that will help you to recuperate your investment in the shortest time possible. Speaking to a professional company who are experts in the field will help you when it comes to rebates and the various options that will be available to you.

5. The Company Balance Sheet

If you are in business you will, of course, be looking to make a profit. The good news is that solar power systems can be treated as a depreciable asset in your balance sheet. This will obviously be a cost that can be written off for tax purposes. The when coupled with the other financial benefits that we have already discussed make this form of renewable energy all the more attractive. Of course, it is always advisable to talk to an accountant to discuss how it will affect your business.

6. Other reasons

There are some intangible benefits in addition to both financial and non-financial benefits that we have discussed. For instance, you could use this as a marketing opportunity as well as your chance to gain increased energy independence or an educational value. All again could help your company to thrive going into the future.

The are many reasons why solar power would benefit you in both a professional and a personal sense. We recommend talking to a company specialising in green energy who can discuss the options that are available to you.