How to make a DIY bio ethanol indoor fire pit

Did you know that it is not so difficult to make a DIY bio ethanol indoor fire pit? Following this detailed photo instructions you will definitely succeed. And such an interesting and non-trivial element of the decor will create a warm, homely atmosphere and warm you on long winter evenings.

How to make a DIY bio ethanol indoor fire pit?

Materials needed:

  1. decorative stones;
  2. silicone glue;
  3. glass panels;
  4. metal grid;
  5. ethanol fuel;
  6. metal box.

Materials needed

Once you have bought the box, find glass corresponding to fit the size of the box sides.

glass walls

Attach glass panels with silicone glue.

Attach glass panels with silicone glue

Carefully place the glue, press the edges of the glass panels together until the glue dries. Make sure that the design shape is rectangular.

Make sure that the design shape is rectangular

Now that you have assembled a glass enclosure for your ethanol indoor fire pit. Silicone will dry up for about 15 minutes, meanwhile you can have a Cup of tea. And don’t worry if the pieces of the silicone will come out from under the seams – these are very easy to remove with a knife.

Now glue the glass enclosure and the metal box together. Apply glue on the bottom edges of the glass and on the top of the box. Don’t forget that the size of the glass enclosure must able to accommodate a metal grid inside.

accommodate a metal grid inside

Almost ready!

Place a metal grid inside the box (I used the most ordinary, for the grill), it should rest on the edge of the box, glue is not necessary. Don’t forget to place a container of fuel supply under a the grid right in the center of the metal box.

Don't forget to place a container of fuel supply

Place decorative stones on the metal grid, but leave a small gap between the stones to be able to reach the fuel container and normal combustion.

Place decorative stones on the metal grid

To set fire use a long kindle or you can also use a spaghetti:)

use a spaghetti

How to make a DIY bio ethanol indoor fire pit

Enjoy your new ethanol indoor fire pit!