Most Popular Patterns For Wooden Floors

Our home isn't simply the place where you live it is a place where you spend most precision time with your family and friends. It is a reflection of our own being. Every small factor of your home decoration has meaning, even the floors. One of the first and foremost things any visitor is going to see when entering our home is the floor. Keeping your floor clean, beautiful and attractive is the most important thing. Floor pattern can be a nice first step in the best direction.

The most common patterns for wooden floors

1. Straight pattern

This is the most famous and well-known way to fit hardwood floor. The boards are covering from wall to wall and side by side. If you have a small room in your home you can arrange the boards in such way that makes the area appear as bigger. This design is very popular for a reason, it is simple, plain, attractive and effective design.

2. Diagonal pattern

It is Similar to straight pattern with one main difference – instead of covering from wall to wall, it starts to cover from corner to corner. This design also requires a certain skill and experience to install properly.

3. Random Pattern

The name only says it is a random design in this the blocks width are different from one another it gives you a very different an amazing look to your floor. It is a different style of design compare which gives more compression than the normal basic designs. It gives the best appearance when it installs in parallel ways.

4. Herringbone pattern

This pattern is the most popular today for bigger space. but not very much suitable for small spaces because the boards' width is small It can be installed in both parallel and diagonal ways to the walls. It was the Ancient Romans designs they first used this pattern for their famous roads. It has the best quality.becuase of that it not only for interior design is also used for other purposes.

5. Chevron pattern

It is very much similar to a herringbone yet still different from it. Both are made from equally sized wood blocks install in a zigzag pattern. Arrangement only differs the design of herringbone and is used in grand buildings and manor houses in preferably used in small rooms because of arranging it in diagonal it appears as bigger space.

6. Brick pattern

Name only suggests, it looks like a traditional brickwork. While simple on its own right it, it can be installed to the whole floor or just to an area surrounded by borders. Can easily accompaniment other most difficult pattern designs.

7. Basket weave pattern

The big advantage of this pattern is that it fits well to anywhere whatever the size of the room. It is most commonly laid parallel or diagonal to the walls. it has very light colour in appearance that gives you a very cool looking.

These are some common design for wooden floors .You can also use this type of designs to your walls to create a greater impression about your home. Good floor means good health, so have attractive easy to maintain floors to your home. Get the help of the best interior designers in Bangalore, who are expertized in commercial and residential interior designing can make your commercial or home space more elegant and beautiful with their customized interior designing.