Natural Termite Control Brisbane Treatments And Their Features

A very regrettable fact about termites is that once they are in your home, it becomes very difficult to eradicate them completely from your home. Experts say that this is actually possible with the help of timely termite control Brisbane services from the experts. One more thing is that through timely DIY eradication methods too, we can make sure that these tiny terminators leave the property. Therefore, in this post, we have discussed some of the most impressive natural treatments used for eradicating them.

Release Nematodes

  • According to the experts of termite control treatment companies, these nematodes are generally parasitic worms that are in love with termites as a food.
  • They can eat as many as possible and still ask for more and this way, they become a really effective natural treatment for these creatures.
  • One more point is that they are easily available at local pet's stores that sell them as pest solution.
  • You can even buy them from the Internet and especially from the websites of the companies that offer pest control services.
  • One of the most impressive features is that with them, you'll never require any other pest or termite control solution
  • This is really impressive as the chemicals used can be harmful to your family and pets; so many people have concerns about using them.

Let the Sun Shine In

  • According to the staff engaged in termite control Brisbane, exposure to direct sunlight is nothing less than a curse for these creatures, as they simply hate direct heat and sunlight.
  • In fact, exposure to direct sunlight can kill them and this means that if any nest is found around your home, you should immediately make arrangements to expose it to direct sunlight.
  • In some minute's time, you will see these creatures marching away from there.
  • Other than this, you can also carry logs, furniture, or other infested items into an area of your yard that gets direct sunlight.
  • In case, they are already present in your home, the best step is to cut the wall in such a way that the infested area gets exposed to sunlight.
  • You can even rent or buy UV lamps that have the same effect as the sun's rays and shine the lamps toward the infestation.

Apply Botanical Treatments

  • According to the experts of termite control companies, applying botanical treatments can also help you a lot in getting permanent and long term relief from them.
  • One of the most impressive treatments is the orange oil, which contains D-Limonene that can kill them as soon as they touch them.
  • This fact makes this solution really effective in terms of ending their infestation.
  • The next natural termite control treatment is the neem oil that is also hated by them.
  • You just have to apply in on the infestation and wait for these creatures to chew up the wood with the oil on it.
  • As soon as they consume this oil along with the wood, they are poisoned to death.