Pros And Cons of The Duty of Security Guard

Today security industry is growing popularity because safety is a mandatory thing today. There is high demand for guards nowadays, which is the prior reason of increasing security guard Company in Kolkata and other states of India. Nowadays the agencies of guards provide ample amount of money to them if they are well skilled and adequately trained. Recently many people are recruited as a safety provider. They are benefited with armaments; uniform, well salary and bonus for overtimes but there are compiled pros and cons of such work. The guards have to take training and get certificate 3 in security operation course for working is hospitals, banks, and other commercial areas.

Skills needed

  • It is essential to know how to communicate clearly.
  • You must have the ability to work both day and night.
  • You must know skills like rifle shooting, karate, and any other art of fighting with criminals.
  • Being smart enough to smell crime before its arrival is necessary.

Following are some of the pros and cons stated:


  • Finding a job in industry security is easy. You must have appropriate qualifications, skills and it is essential that you are trained. If you are taught then, it will be a best suitable job.
  • It is a paying protective service with a bonus.
  • The skills you learn for being in that role may be beneficial for you over a life time.
  • It's a career fulfilling work.
  • In everyday life, this position helps you to gain confidence.
  • In future, you can fight with any corruption and crime because of the training.
  • It is an exciting service because you provide safety to others through it.
  • It is also known as a noble work.


  • In the beginning, the payment is not high while starting the job.
  • The environment may be unsafe and risky while working.
  • A security guard Company in Kolkata and other states never assures you safety for your life.
  • You have to face crime, corruption and several life-threatening situations.
  • You need to write several incident reports related to the industry.
  • You always need to risk your life instead of having a family.
  • If you grow old, this job does not get suitable for you.
  • If you are not fit, then you can never join this work.
  • This post always has unusual work timings and sometimes you have to work both day and night while doing this type of job.

There are several security service providers in Kolkata and other states, but you need to know the criteria before working for an agency.