Renovating Walls Make it Look Simple Yet Elegant Using Subway Tile

Subway tiles are one of the most commonly used tiles in giving a kitchen, bathroom or a fireplace a makeover. Subway tile is preferred over other items as installing it is very easy and can be done in a day or two. It gives a place simple yet a classic makeover. Installing subway tiles is so easy that it can be done following a DIY guide without hiring a professional. Thus it is commonly preferred by many over other tiles.

When installing the subway tile by oneself following steps should be followed for proper installation of tiles giving it a professional look:

  • Things needed in the do it yourself process are sandpaper, all-purpose cleaner, a painter's tape, the tiles which one wants to install, a towel, premixed mortar, wet tile saw, leveler, 1/16 tile spacers and a microfiber cloth.

For grouting purpose, one would need the required color grout and a rubber float. Then come cleaning and caulking process one would require sponges, a bucket, warm water, tile caulk, a caulk gun and an applicator tool.

  • It is necessary to prepare the walls before any installation properly. The walls should be smoothened and flattened to avoid tiles looking uneven. Any holes on the surface should be patched and smoothened as well
  • During application of tiles, primarily a thin layer of mortar should be applied on the wall using a v-notch towel scooping the mortar should be done by the flat side whereas it should be spread by v-notched side.
  • Tile installation should be started from the bottom moving in the upwards direction.
  • The tiles should be allowed to dry overnight to ensure everything sets properly. Any unwanted mortar which is stuck should be cleaned up before finishing the work.
  • Any spacers found should be removed. Microfiber cloth should be used to clean the walls, and an all-purpose cleaner should be used to remove any dust left behind.
  • Premixed grout should be applied using a rubber float seeing to it that it is even applied in all the narrow spaces as well
  • Cleaning the tiles is very important to give a good surface finish cleaning all the tile backsplash using warm water, and the sponge is very necessary.

After application of caulk, the subway tile installed would make one's wall or flooring look beautiful and attractive. It takes no time in decorating the wall using subway tile if one follows the procedure properly.